Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Rascal of a Car

Bloggers, you will not believe what happened to me this Friday. 
Or maybe you will, but it's still pretty nuts! And just so it's not too depressing, I'm going to use the Little Rascals to help tell my story.

Around 4pm, I begin my 8 mile drive to my boyfriend's apartment. There's a few grey clouds, but certainly nothing to be worried about. About 2 miles in, it starts drizzling. Once again, nothing at all to be worried about, but I can definitely see that the grey clouds are getting closer.

I drive another mile or so and the rain really starts to come. I can still see out of my windshield, so I keep on trucking. And when I'm about a mile away from his apartment, out of nowhere comes literally a torrential downpour, very much like:
I drive a little bit further, knowing I was so close. The exit I had to get off on had a little raised water in the road, but more like a huge puddle. I figure that on the huge, extremely busy road, there wouldn't be any flash flooding. Aren't city governments supposed to ensure that? Who knows. 
Anyways, as I turn on to this huge road, I'm all of a sudden in a river. Like full on, up to my door handles river. That's probably extremely exaggerated, but it was terrifying.

However, I'm literally right next door. I can see his apartment from where I am. I keep on going a little bit longer, and all of a sudden, my car starts slowing down. A lot. I immediately think about trying to get over, but with the downpours, and extremely busy road, it's next to impossible. And all of a sudden, my car just dies. I don't know what to do, and immediately panic.

Figuring that's a bit of an overreaction, I call my boyfriend, who of course injured his back to the worst extent that day at work. He rushes to me while staying on the phone. I immediately break into tears and start having a huge panic attack. For those of you who haven't been keeping up, I don't have a job. Therefore, I cannot afford to spend loads of money on my car. As I sit in the river waiting for him to arrive, I hear the water sloshing around under my hood, and guess who's terrified?

I sit through this for a few minutes, and people are just driving by! What ever happened to the gentlemen who would stop on the side of the road to save a damsel in distress? I did, however, see a lot of snickers and amused looks, mostly from men. Throughout all this, I just had to think,

After about 15 minutes of sitting in this river that's only rising more and more, I finally see my boyfriend on the other side of the road. He pulls a U-turn as quickly as possible and comes to my rescue.

After jumping in my car, he takes a few moments to try to calm me down. Understandably, I'm still freaking out. Knowing that the longer I'm sitting in the water, it's probably only damaging my car more, he makes the hysterical girl climb in the backseat and immediately turns over the engine (after I tried like 5 times).

He rams my car up onto the hard curb behind us, and we sit there on dryish land for a few minutes waiting for the water to go down. After calling my dad and sister to let them know that everything worked out, it was pretty clear the water wasn't going down anytime soon. So what does my funny boy do? Drives the car on the grass (in front of a huge business, I might add), off the curb, and into his surprisingly dry apartment complex. He gets me in a parking spot close to the entrance and tells me to wait there to make sure that his car that he parked is still safe. I'm content with just sitting and relaxing after all this, and so I wait. And wait... And wait. I don't see him at all, so I finally decide to call him. Turns out, he was helping another girl who had gotten stuck in almost the exact same situation, while going through excruciating back pain. It just made me melt inside.

Thinking all this nonsense was over, we go into his apartment and enjoy our night. 
But guess what? It wasn't over. Of course not! That'd be too easy for my German piece of poop car.

As I try to leave, my lovely car decides that it doesn't want to go over 30 mph, when of course, I have to take the interstate home. I have my sweet sweet boy drive me home, and figure we'll try to fix it later in the weekend. My grandpa who knows everything about cars, tells us exactly what to do. Sadly, this falls on Father's Day weekend. So what does my dad do? He comes out with us on Father's Day to change my oil and hopefully drain the water from the engine. If that didn't work, it was probably going to cost way more than I have in my savings account. Thankfully though, that was all it took. A quick oil change, and my car is back to it's crazy self with only having to spend about $20 on the oil. You better believe there was a happy dance following that.

Hope you all enjoyed my story! It was way more fun telling it this way!


  1. Holy moly! What a story! Glad you're safe and the car survived. Sounds like your boy is fantastic and a keeper!

    1. Oh he certainly is! I just responded to your email. Sorry it took so stinkin long!

  2. What a creative way to tell your story! I loved it! And I'm glad your car is safe and sound and working! Car troubles always freak me out too!

    1. Thanks Katie! The quote from the beginning was stuck in my head the entire time I was stuck, so it only made sense to tell it that way. :)

  3. I am glad you and your car are ok!! The Little Rascals did make it no so depressing :)


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