Monday, April 30, 2012

Catching Up:

It feels like it's been forever since we've talked bloggers! Between 8-12 hour work days and being sick, getting to my computer has been almost impossible. So let's just chat and catch up, alright?

First, between these awkward two weeks of having two jobs, I've somehow scheduled three days in a row off. So Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are going to make my "stay-cation." I'm planning on crafting, cleaning and laundry, catching up on my favorite blogs, reading, and just simply lounging around the house. I couldn't be more excited!

Second, have you read The Lucky One yet? I'm trying to read it before I make boyfriend take me on a date to the movie, and it is fantastic! It's almost impossible for me to put down, and it just makes me want to read even more Nicholas Sparks' books.

Third, I've been promising yall a shop open for over a month now. Just you wait, I'm getting more and more inventory in store, and can't wait to show it all!

Fourth, my very first sponsor post goes up tomorrow! I have 5 or 6 great girls to introduce to my fantastic  followers.

Fifth, how are yall doing? Like I've said, I've been missing in action all week and I just miss all my blogger friends! Say hello, and I'll make sure I get back to you this week!

Friday, April 27, 2012

High Five for Friday

Linking up with Lauren again this week for High Five for Friday. Without further ado, here's my great things this week!

1. This is my 100th post!! I had something more exciting planned for 100, but I just lacked the time and focus I needed for it. Hopefully you'll still get to see that post soon though!

2. I'm getting over an icky cold. I had to take 2 sick days at my new job, and I really hope they don't hate me. This has also meant less time on the blog. Sorry if I've missed any of your great posts! I'm in the slow processes of catching myself up.

3. I had more Starbucks this week than usual thanks to winning Caroline's giveaway! If more bloggers would offer Starbucks gift cards, I think I'd enter more often. I'm just in love with them, but definitely not with the prices.

4. I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and just went nuts! (And by "went nuts," I mean I spent around $15). I got a few things though for a couple new projects this week. And since I have a little time off work, I think I'll take full advantage of it!

5. I think I've found a roommate! I don't want to get too excited yet, because it's kinda hard to tell if she's interested or not. As soon as I move out though, I get the sweetest little puppy. I'm so ready!

Make sure you link up with Lauren on this great Friday!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tickle Me Tuesdays

I am in love with owls. In love!
I know how old this trend is, and you all probably think I'm mega lame.
But, with a niece or nephew on the way, there's been a lot of owl talk going around our family.

Here are some of my favorite owl items on Etsy this week!
I am all about supporting handmade shops, and trying to help out when I can. But I really feel like this sweet Kindle/Nook Case would be the perfect excuse for breaking out my sewing machine again!

How stinking cute is this necklace?!

I'm swearing to you right now bloggers, one day I will have an iPhone. It might take me another 6 months to get there, but it will happen. And until then, a girl can dream about precious owl cases, right?
Make sure you link up with Sarah for Tickle Me Tuesdays!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Crack Dip Recipe

I cannot even begin to stress how amazing and delicious this recipe is. And the best part? It is so easy to make.

1 8oz package of cream cheese
1 can of Rotel (hot or mild, whichever you prefer)
1 tube of Jimmy Dean sausage

1. Cook the sausage according to directions.
2. Melt cream cheese over low heat. You do not at all want to bring it to a boil. 
3. Once the cream cheese has a smooth consistency, add can of Rotel and the cooked sausage.
4. Serve with Tortilla chips.

This makes a lot, but in our house it never lasts more than a day! If it needs rewarming, throw it in the microwave for about 15-20 seconds depending on how much you have left. Let me know if you try this recipe!

Friday, April 20, 2012

High Five For Friday!

Can I just say first how much I absolutely adore this link up? So happy I found it!

1. I put in my 2 weeks notice yesterday! It's a bittersweet moment, but I know for a fact, it was the right choice. I'm moving on to a bigger (and better paying) job!

2. Thanks to Absolute Mommy, I got an awesome gift card to Forever 21 and had a huge shopping spree! I should be having a guest post on her blog about it soon.

3. I've had nonstop Subway this week. Buy one get one free before 9am? Best idea ever.

4. I've decided to get a new bed with my tax return! Right now, I have a twin sized "chiropractic" bed. It's supposed to be really good for crooked backs, but it just feels like a rock. I'm feeling a queen pillow top. Anyone have good, moderately priced suggestions?

5. I got an Apartment Finder book yesterday, and found one that I'm in love with! I just need to build any kind of credit before I can move in.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tickle Me Tuesdays

It's been such a long time since I've linked up for this, and I couldn't be more excited to link up with Sarah again. Yesterday, I announced the great news that I get to be an aunt! Here's just a few pinned ideas I could keep at my place for whenever Munchkin comes over.

Cute mustaches for taking pictures! Find the idea here.

Attach fabric and have a DIY playhouse. Find the idea here.

Homemade moon sand! Enough said. Find the idea here.

Come link up with us over at Sarah's blog!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Amazing, Exciting, Fantastic, Awesome, Superb, Super Super Cool News

Remember Friday when I told you that I had some pretty amazing news to share with yall? Well, I'm finally allowed to let you in on the secret! Ready?

I'm going to be an aunt! This little munchkin is growing inside my sister and is about 8 weeks old. I am way more than excited to meet this bundle of joy. The due date is Thanksgiving Day, so it's earned the name Turkey Munchkin (turmunchkinator for short). Can't wait to show off!

Friday, April 13, 2012

High Five For Friday

Before I begin, if you've seen the last few of my posts, you'll know that my blog doesn't allow me to use custom HTML anymore. I have no idea why. Please please someone help me!

That being said, make sure you link up at Lauren's page for HF4F!

1. I got a new job!! I don't want to say where over the internet, but it's a hotel front desk job. The manager who hired me told me in the interview that he really likes my attitude about work and he wants to promote me as quickly as possible. Not to mention it comes with a 60 cent raise!

2. I won a huge giveaway from Chelsea about a month ago and I'm still getting prizes in the mail! It's like every day is Christmas.

3. I have some amazing, exciting, fantastic, awesome, superb, super super cool news that I get to announce Monday. I can not tell you how hard it's been keeping it from all my great followers!

4. I am reopening my Etsy shop in 2 short days! And let me just say, I've been working my butt off for it, so I hope it goes awesomely!

5. I am grateful that I have a God who cares for me and takes care of my needs. It is not by any merit of my own, but by His great compassion that I am here today, at a new job, and will be finally able to afford health insurance.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tuesday 10, a day late

Last night, I had issues and decisions to make. I had to decide if I wanted to blog and stay up a little later, when I was already up way late waiting on my laundry, or just go to sleep. I'm sorry, but sleep won. That is why this post is a day late, but I really did want to share my Easter moments with yall!

The prompt for this week's Tuesday 10 is our favorite Easter moments. The first five will be from this Easter and the last from past Easters. Let's count them down.

1.My lovely dress. I've had it for a really long time now but have never gotten the chance to wear it. Please don't make fun of my super awkward pose. It was gross and wet outside from the morning dew.

2. I got to try a new tradition with my boyfriend and his family this year, called Pocking. Never heard of it? I think it's only a Southern Louisiana thing. You can read all about it here.
This is obviously a losing egg. For those who know me, I in no way took this picture.  My photography skills aren't the best.
3. I surprised my lovely Jonathon with 42 Easter Eggs, all filled with reasons why I love him (and some chocolates).

4. Dying Easter eggs. By far one of my favorite traditions. Here comes a bit of a picture overload now.

5. Just being able to spend time with this boy. I love him!

Past Easter section:

6. Every single year, we make a point to make the ugliest egg ever. This is what I came up with this year:
Pretty hideous right? It makes me think of an olive for some reason!
7. I have one memory of coming home from Easter service one day with my grandparents and hunting against my sister for all the eggs. After my Grandpa let us both sit in his suit jacket. We thought it was the funniest thing that we could both fit.

8. Probably my favorite Easter moment. We used to spend every Easter in the middle of nowhere Missouri (a really, really long time ago). One year, back when it was cool to carry around those colored rabbit's feet for good luck, my sister told my other Grandpa that she really wanted to touch a real rabbit's foot. Thinking like a typical man, he shot a rabbit and brought it for her to feel. She honestly thought that he killed the Easter Bunny and refused to talk to him the rest of the night.

9. We were very lucky as children to have probably the biggest backyard ever. I might have gone into details on this before, but it was so big it had a parking lot. Doesn't make sense? I know. Just a big patch of concrete for like 5 or 6 cars. And that was only a quarter of the yard. So we had the best Easter Egg hunts! We'd be running all over the backyard for what felt like hours.

10. I used to be obsessed with Cookies and Cream flavored things. Especially the Hershey's bars. One year, once we started spending Easters in Ohio, my mom found a Cookies and Cream bunny. She was only able to find it every year in the certain store in Ohio. She looked everywhere else and couldn't find it. This year, Jonathon made a point of going out to buy me one. Sure, it was at Wal Mart and not that much of a hunt, but it was really special to me.

That's all for my Tuesday 10! I'd offer you to come link up with us, but hopefully you're not as lazy as me waiting so long!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

I hope you've been having a great weekend! Easter is my second favorite holiday (nothing beats Christmas), just for what it stands for. I'll never comprehend how our God can be so loving.

This weekend started bright and early Saturday morning. We had an Easter Egg Hunt at work for the employees and I was asked to come in early to help get the restaurant opened. If I had known that was why I was coming in early, I wouldn't have been dressed like this:
Cute? Yes. Practical for squeezing lemons? No way.
I only won $10, opposed to the paid vacation days and $100, but it was still fun!

Almost immediately after, I started my first day at a new job! I'm in the processes of finding a new apartment or roommate and it's just so slow. The job was amazingly fun though! It's with inflatable moonbounce birthday parties and we were able to play with the kids (I've never done the Hokey Pokey so many times in one day). However, these were by far my favorite part of the day.
The kids loved them and I only got knocked around a few times.

On my way out the door, I realized we'd be going to church less than an hour from then for our Easter service. I threw on the same outfit and headed out the door. The sermon was amazing, of course, but worship is what really touched me. I loved this song!

After church we went home and made Rice Krispy Treats and watched Baby Mama. 
Check back tomorrow for more details about today!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Inspirations

I already have my Easter dress and I love it more than any other dress I've owned. That can't stop me from dreaming about cute other outfits though, can it?
I love the idea of love during Easter, because Easter stands for the most amazing love that could ever happen.
LOVE this dress. And of course I had to add the butterflies for spring spirit!

And this one just because I love yellow skinny jeans.

Can't wait to see all your amazing outfits for tomorrow!

Friday, April 6, 2012

High Five Friday

I've decided that my blog hates almost any kind of custom html. Yet again, I can't use a linky button, so here's a picute and make sure you check out Lauren's blog to link up!

1. I won this awesome giveaway from Sew Caroline!

2. My cutie has a huge surprise for me tonight, but I have no idea what!

3. Titanic in 3D. I've only seen Titanic once about 2 weeks ago. I know, it's crazy. Can't wait to see all the craziness in 3D!

4. It's Good Friday! Meaning Easter is just around the corner. Hope yall are ready to celebrate the amazing resurrection of our God. :)

5. I heard about this coffee mug swap.
(And of course the button doesn't work here, so just click here to check it out!)

Make sure you link up with Lauren for this fun link up!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Craft Room

I'm looking to move to a new 2 bedroom apartment. While does this girl need 2 bedrooms to herself, you might ask? So that my paper doesn't end up on the floor. So that my sewing machine has a home, that is also not on my bedroom floor. So my embroidery hoops have the perfect place to hang instead of being (can you guess?) on my floor.

So here's my Pinterest inspirations for my hopefully coming soon craft room. A girl can dream, right?

This one, I just love the sitting area. I would love to sit here for hours embroidering while someone keeps me company.

This one just has so much going on! I love all the space and all the different tables. In my dream room, I would have a desk for my sewing machine, a desk for my cricut, and a desk for my computer and printer. Is that too much to ask? ;)

In my amazing fantasy, I sell things on Etsy all the time, and I'd need a whole desk with 6+ clipboards just to keep up with all my orders.

I love all the storage jars here. I feel like I would be able to fit everything possible!

Just look at that organization! Not a single thing on the floor, and it doesn't have to be huge, because Lord knows, mine won't be huge at all!
This one I just love all the angles and the cute little half door. It's too sweet!

I'll keep you updated as/if it comes along! It's still a matter of moving into an apartment, meaning a better paying second job. Meaning next to impossible!

I need all the inspiration I can get! What would be one thing you couldn't imagine not having in your craft room?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday Ten

I feel a little bad today for cheating on my regular Tuesday link up, but this prompt was too intriguing for me not to! So don't yall worry, Tickle Me Tuesday will be back next week!

This week I'm linking up with Lena for her Tuesday 10.
It sadly won't let me link the button, so make sure you check out Lena's blog here!

The prompt this week is for 10 things I'd want with me on a deserted island.
Assuming this island is truly deserted, that means just me, no family. Or else I'd obviously invite them and my boyfriend for tea and coffee all the time.

1. This house. I'm feeling luxurious for this little island of mine.

2. A firepit for cold nights and cooking the essentials. 

3. A kayak so I could stay in shape and visit my other deserted island neighbors.

4. A mailbox or carrier pigeon. Whichever would be more practical.

5. This swimsuit. I have to be cute if I live by myself, right? And a precious wardrobe of all the sundresses and floppy sun hats I'd ever need.

6. Water purifier. I've got to have some way to get rid of the assumed salt water.

7. A hammock, for sure. I can just see myself snuggled up reading my Nook (it'd obviously have to learn how to recharge itself) all day. 
Of course the canopies would pull away and give me pure sunlight whenever I needed it.

8. Gardens, never-ending garden skills, and chickens. I don't think I could ever kill an animal, but the eggs would be nice.

9. 1 million embroidery hoops, with enough fabric and floss to last me a lifetime!

10. A lifetime supply of toiletries. Shampoo, razors, soap, face wash, sunscreen, and of course toilet paper. There will be no leaves going anywhere near my body.

So maybe this was more than ten things, but I only used ten numbers, so we're gonna say it counts.
How about you? What ten things would you bring?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Picnik Closing

Picnik is closing this month! Is anyone else as completely devastated about this as I am?
Thankfully picmonkey has opened, and I've recently gotten My Memories Suite, so I think I can live.
In honor of Picnik, here are my 5 lamest, funniest, cutest, whatever you want to call them, Picniked pictures.:

Yes, I put this picture up to remind myself of how skinny I used to be. I've gained seven pounds since Christmas. Someone stop me!

Pretty awful, right? I really didn't start using Picnik to its full potential until a few months ago.
So sad it's going to be leaving soon! What alternatives have yall found? Keep us updated!