Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tuesday 10, a day late

Last night, I had issues and decisions to make. I had to decide if I wanted to blog and stay up a little later, when I was already up way late waiting on my laundry, or just go to sleep. I'm sorry, but sleep won. That is why this post is a day late, but I really did want to share my Easter moments with yall!

The prompt for this week's Tuesday 10 is our favorite Easter moments. The first five will be from this Easter and the last from past Easters. Let's count them down.

1.My lovely dress. I've had it for a really long time now but have never gotten the chance to wear it. Please don't make fun of my super awkward pose. It was gross and wet outside from the morning dew.

2. I got to try a new tradition with my boyfriend and his family this year, called Pocking. Never heard of it? I think it's only a Southern Louisiana thing. You can read all about it here.
This is obviously a losing egg. For those who know me, I in no way took this picture.  My photography skills aren't the best.
3. I surprised my lovely Jonathon with 42 Easter Eggs, all filled with reasons why I love him (and some chocolates).

4. Dying Easter eggs. By far one of my favorite traditions. Here comes a bit of a picture overload now.

5. Just being able to spend time with this boy. I love him!

Past Easter section:

6. Every single year, we make a point to make the ugliest egg ever. This is what I came up with this year:
Pretty hideous right? It makes me think of an olive for some reason!
7. I have one memory of coming home from Easter service one day with my grandparents and hunting against my sister for all the eggs. After my Grandpa let us both sit in his suit jacket. We thought it was the funniest thing that we could both fit.

8. Probably my favorite Easter moment. We used to spend every Easter in the middle of nowhere Missouri (a really, really long time ago). One year, back when it was cool to carry around those colored rabbit's feet for good luck, my sister told my other Grandpa that she really wanted to touch a real rabbit's foot. Thinking like a typical man, he shot a rabbit and brought it for her to feel. She honestly thought that he killed the Easter Bunny and refused to talk to him the rest of the night.

9. We were very lucky as children to have probably the biggest backyard ever. I might have gone into details on this before, but it was so big it had a parking lot. Doesn't make sense? I know. Just a big patch of concrete for like 5 or 6 cars. And that was only a quarter of the yard. So we had the best Easter Egg hunts! We'd be running all over the backyard for what felt like hours.

10. I used to be obsessed with Cookies and Cream flavored things. Especially the Hershey's bars. One year, once we started spending Easters in Ohio, my mom found a Cookies and Cream bunny. She was only able to find it every year in the certain store in Ohio. She looked everywhere else and couldn't find it. This year, Jonathon made a point of going out to buy me one. Sure, it was at Wal Mart and not that much of a hunt, but it was really special to me.

That's all for my Tuesday 10! I'd offer you to come link up with us, but hopefully you're not as lazy as me waiting so long!


  1. I have fond memories of easter egg hunts with my uncles would always hide the eggs

  2. Your eggs came out so pretty!

  3. I didn't dye eggs this year and I missed it so much! Yours look great!

  4. love the eggs... you guys are too cute!


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