Thursday, April 5, 2012

Craft Room

I'm looking to move to a new 2 bedroom apartment. While does this girl need 2 bedrooms to herself, you might ask? So that my paper doesn't end up on the floor. So that my sewing machine has a home, that is also not on my bedroom floor. So my embroidery hoops have the perfect place to hang instead of being (can you guess?) on my floor.

So here's my Pinterest inspirations for my hopefully coming soon craft room. A girl can dream, right?

This one, I just love the sitting area. I would love to sit here for hours embroidering while someone keeps me company.

This one just has so much going on! I love all the space and all the different tables. In my dream room, I would have a desk for my sewing machine, a desk for my cricut, and a desk for my computer and printer. Is that too much to ask? ;)

In my amazing fantasy, I sell things on Etsy all the time, and I'd need a whole desk with 6+ clipboards just to keep up with all my orders.

I love all the storage jars here. I feel like I would be able to fit everything possible!

Just look at that organization! Not a single thing on the floor, and it doesn't have to be huge, because Lord knows, mine won't be huge at all!
This one I just love all the angles and the cute little half door. It's too sweet!

I'll keep you updated as/if it comes along! It's still a matter of moving into an apartment, meaning a better paying second job. Meaning next to impossible!

I need all the inspiration I can get! What would be one thing you couldn't imagine not having in your craft room?


  1. I need some bigger space to have a craft room that I would dream of! LOVE all those pictures you pinned. I really like the one with the ribbon and all the storage containers. I guess that doesn't take up a lot of space - I should try it!

  2. I make my spare bedroom a craft/office/bedroom, it's awful!!!

  3. I am seriously loving all those rooms! I too am in the market for a two bedroom all to myself for the same reason! Fingers crossed it can ever look as cute as any of those!

  4. oh my god, i love those rooms, i am seriously i could live any of those rooms...

    are you interesting to have your blog update, or a sketching drawn looks like you? I'm doing the giveway and its last chance to enter before in 7 hours, i will be revealing who is the winner :D

  5. Omg! I love the first one! I wish I had one just like that! xx

  6. i totally love the first one too, imagine spending a day sitting with friends crafting ... so inspiring :) things start with a dream before they can become reality, so you are half way there! xx


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