Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Inspirations

I already have my Easter dress and I love it more than any other dress I've owned. That can't stop me from dreaming about cute other outfits though, can it?
I love the idea of love during Easter, because Easter stands for the most amazing love that could ever happen.
LOVE this dress. And of course I had to add the butterflies for spring spirit!

And this one just because I love yellow skinny jeans.

Can't wait to see all your amazing outfits for tomorrow!


  1. I love these outfits you've put together!! I think the second one is my favorite :)

  2. so cute! I love every look... I think the first dress is fab! :)

  3. The white dress is beatuiful.

    New follower

  4. love the first two looks!

  5. Love that orange dress and those yellow pants - SO fun!

    The Other Side of Gray


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