Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tickle Me Tuesdays

I am in love with owls. In love!
I know how old this trend is, and you all probably think I'm mega lame.
But, with a niece or nephew on the way, there's been a lot of owl talk going around our family.

Here are some of my favorite owl items on Etsy this week!
I am all about supporting handmade shops, and trying to help out when I can. But I really feel like this sweet Kindle/Nook Case would be the perfect excuse for breaking out my sewing machine again!

How stinking cute is this necklace?!

I'm swearing to you right now bloggers, one day I will have an iPhone. It might take me another 6 months to get there, but it will happen. And until then, a girl can dream about precious owl cases, right?
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  1. I'm LOVING the kindle cover! Adorable!

  2. i love love love owls too! i cant get enough of them!

  3. I need an iPhone just for that case :)

  4. I like the phone case- and the necklace! Everything is so cute!!

  5. I love that owl iPhone cover!

  6. I'M IN LOVE WITH OWLS TOO! Love that necklace. Seriously, anything owl - I have :)

  7. love the owls so cute, the iphone cover is a definite favourite :)


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