Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tickle Me Tuesday

Have you all met Sarah from Yes, Teacher! yet? Well she just had the absolute sweetest boy a little over a month ago, and needed a blogging break. Thankfully, she is back now, and wow was she missed! Linking up with Sarah for my first time in awhile, here's a Tickle Me Tuesday post!

Wondering about the rules?
1. Write a short post with anywhere from one to five items that have been tickling your fancy recently. Please include pictures and links :)

2. Make sure to link back to the party in your blog post (you can grab the button or include a text link)

3. Come back here and link up your blog post!  

4. Visit some other links and HAVE FUN!

You might know that I love themed posts, and the theme that's been running through my head lately is coffee. I recently hit Gold level on my Starbucks card, and it actually felt way more rewarding than I thought it would. I think that's the sign of a true addiction, but I sure hope not! In honor of my new gold status, here are some of my favorite coffee items I've found around the internet.

Source: goo.gl via Alfreda on Pinterest

Saturday, July 28, 2012

High Five for Friday

Geez guys! I can't believe how long I've waited to start this post. It's 11:46pm, but the post will go out before Friday is over. Here's my highlights from the week!

1. I was SO ready to have a shop update up today. I beast moded some of my old embroidery hoops, and they look great! But instead of taking pictures and posting them online, I had a serious New Girl marathon. I'm addicted.

2. We went to go see The Dark Knight Rises this week, and I was shocked at how much I liked it! I hated, and I mean hated (sorry boyfriend), The Dark Knight, but this one was so much easier for me to enjoy. The only downside is we had a serious monsoon on the way over. It was terrifying!

3. This happened yesterday. Yep, I wasted about ten minutes, but I'd say it was totally worth it.

4. I have been craving IHOP so bad for the past 2 or 3 weeks, so whenever boyfriend asked me where I wanted to go for dinner, it was an easy choice! Doesn't this just look amazing?

5. Last, but definitely not least, I'm taking part in a huge giveaway with Artsy Anthropology. Go see what you can win!

And I know there's not much time, but try to link up with Lauren on this post tonight if you can! You won't regret it!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Trip to IKEA

I believe that everyone should make a huge deal out of IKEA. Do you not?
Sure, if you live ten minutes away from one, it kind of becomes an average experience, and not that exciting. But imagine with me, if you will, living ten minutes from IKEA then picking up and moving 12 hours away where your closest IKEA is four hours away. Perhaps I'm overreacting a little bit, but I just went to IKEA last weekend for my first time in over a year, and I was pumped. Check out what I got for my new yellow and grey room for only $93.39!
This looks so much cooler and fluffier in person. Source.
This rug is the only thing that was on my list. Source.
Double sided frame, had to buy two! Source.
Freaking huge magnetic board! Thinking about covering it in a pretty fabric. Source.
Also had to get two of these. Source.
That really ugly orange vase on the right is totally yellow in person. Picture taking fail. Source.
And according to my Martha Stewart Living magazine, everyone needs to keep around some basic cupcake/cake supplies, so here's the cuties I bought!

So those were the non-food items that I bought. Of course I had to go downstairs and buy some lingonberry juiceboxes (I only have one left!) and a cinnamon roll, to complete my IKEA experience. It wasn't until later that I realized I could've used my IKEA family member card for free coffee too! 

I would seriously love to hear some of your IKEA experiences too! Has anyone had a bad trip at IKEA? Or found some crazy awesome sales? Let me know!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Guest Post from Elle Sees!

Hello all! I'd love to introduce you to one of my sweet bloggy friends, Elle! I've been following her forever, and am in love with her blog. She has all kinds of amazing fashion tips, and four different college degrees. (I'm a bit of her Instagram stalker.) She literally amazes me. Go check her out!
Hi! I'm Elle, from ElleSees.blogspot.com, a lifestyle blog about all things beauty. The easiest way to add a pop of pretty is to do your nails. Check out some of my fave tips for nails:
  • Stained Nails--Try whitening toothpaste! Or this post which lists other options.
  • Glitter Polish Removal--Take a cotton ball or tissue, soak in polish remover, and place on top of nail. Then wrap fingers in a bit of tin foil, yes, really! Leave for about 5 minutes and the polish will come right off.
  • Out of Polish--No polish? No problem. Just paint any color of polish on top of your existing polish. Wipe away the polish. It really works and is great if you're in a pinch.
  • Easy Clean--Try using a small concealer or art brush to clean around the nail bed after painting. I use this one  from ELF and it's only $1.
  • New polish--Make your own new shade of polish by taking any shade of eye shadow, scraping a little onto a paper plate, and then mix with clear polish. Paint on nails! Try this post for pictures and descriptions.
  • Make Neons Pop--Try a coat of white polish before painting your nails with neon polish. The color won't be as streaky and the color will pop!
For more beauty tips and tricks, visit ellesees.blogspot.com

Monday, July 23, 2012

Back To School//Music Monday

Guys, it is about that time to go back to school! Is anyone as depressed as I am that they're not going back this year? I've had more than a year off (thanks to Louisiana laws and admissions people lying), and I just can't stand it! I'll definitely be going back to school in January, it's just a matter of time!

Until then though, I'd like to share one of my funniest memories from school. It was in second grade. Our teacher for the year moved, so we had a string of substitute teachers, but my principal was our main teacher once we didn't get a solid replacement. One day we had a field trip that my dad and his best friend dad helped chaperone. I honestly don't remember where it was to, but I do remember that we were having lunch at Ryan's buffet and going back to school for a water gun fight.

Halfway to Ryan's, we happen to pass a Papa John's. No big deal, but what second grade kid doesn't adore pizza? So my dad and his friend think it's hilarious to start off a chant, "Papa John's, Papa John's, Papa John's." You can only imagine how well that went off. I remember thinking for some reason that we had convinced the bus driver that we would totally change our plans. All the kids were getting really excited, and we were so into it. Only to see ourselves turning into Ryan's a few minutes later. Try handling a load of 20 sad second graders.

We eventually get over Ryan's. I particularly remember making a huge mess at the ice cream station and getting yelled at. Anyways, we pack up our things and head back to the school for the water gun fight. We had the bus parking lot for the rest of the day to run around and soak each other to our little heart's content. For whatever reason, my dad and his friend get in the car, lock the doors and open the sunroof. They then start pelting us with water balloons. Of course, we were screaming and running around loving every second of it. But that was definitely my dad's last strike with my principal/teacher.

After the water war, my principal pulls my dad and his friend to the side and forever ban him from field trips. 
What about you? I'd love to hear your favorite school memories too!
P.S. This post is brought to you by M80. They found my sweet little blog and offered me a great prize to  show a little love to our AT&T friends. Check it out!
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Friday, July 20, 2012

High Five for Friday

Hello bloggers! I hope you had a fantastic, fun filled week. I know for a fact that I did!

1. As some of you may know, I spent the weekend in Ohio with my mom. It was a really fun time, but more importantly, we got to go to some great places Louisiana doesn't have. Including IKEA and Panera! Words cannot express how happy I was.
Only spent $93!

2. I made it to Starbucks Gold level! Just a small amount of dedication and feeding my caffeine addiction.

3. As always, I'm still working on my embroidery, and I found this beauty at Hobby Lobby!

And this great deal at Joann's all for $9 straight out of the 80's:

4. I finally completed a great New Year's Resolution. Remember my list from earlier in the year?

Yes, yes I completed number 5 on my list. I got the whole set for $50. Such a great deal, it was hard to pass up!

5. Most excitedly, Hobby Lobby is starting to sell their Christmas ornaments. Let's just say, I'm the type of girl who listens to Christmas music all year round, decorate before Halloween, and buy the biggest, best presents for all my friends. Hobby Lobby is just encouraging me to get into the Christmas spirit so early!

Make sure you link up with the great Lauren for H54F!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Guest Post from Rouge and Whimsy

Hey guys! Have you all met Erika from Rouge and Whimsy yet? She's such a sweet girl and has a great shop! I was lucky enough to win this great tote from her in a recent giveaway, and I use it all the time!
Make sure you head on over to her blog after you read this post.
Hi Snugly Duckling readers! I'm excited to be here today guest posting.
I'm here to talk about summer must-dos. I don't know if you noticed but it's already mid-July and winter months are slowly creeping toward us.
I don't know where about you guys, but I love summer. I live in Seattle, and summers in Seattle are perfect: mid-80s, blue skies... once it hits winter, it's dark, cold and damp.

This is why I'm panicking and decided that I need to get my act together to make the most of the last weeks of summer.

Here's my list of must-dos before summer is over:

>> camping. I'm actually going this weekend and I'm really excited to get away from the city and spend some time with friends outdoors!

>> reading. I love to read but spending a day in a hammock reading sounds pretty perfect.

>>boating. I've been once but I definitely need to go many more times before the summer is over.

>> canning, pickling and making jam. I grew up watching my mom make jam and I really want to do it myself this summer... not to mention make some pickles and can some other good things!

>>What's on your list for the end of summer?

And if you want to hear more about things I love, check out my blog rouge & whimsy or say hi to me on Twitter. Check out my etsy shop as well.

Thanks for having me Kara!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Over the River and Through the Woods

I originally planned on having one post about Ohio summing up my trip here when I came home. However, I had such an amazing time yesterday, I had to share it early! We came here for the annual family reunion, but we don't actually go every year because it's a fourteen hour drive. Crazy, right? We had a fun time at the reunion though. I was deemed my mother's picture taker, while she wore a crazy outfit. She got pictures everywhere with everyone. And won best costume for the Hollywood theme. And it was only crazy a little embarrassing for me.

Anyways, after the reunion, we went back to my Uncle Gary and Aunt Mary's house. Yes, they are Gary and Mary. Is that not the sweetest thing you've ever heard? I've been there at least 2 or 3 times as a kid, but then I was only really interested in playing and definitely not the same things as I was this time. Let me just tell you bloggers, this house is beautiful. For the rest of the day, I went around taking picture after picture after picture. I think I ended up with 63 for the entire day. Sadly, I can't share them all with you, but I will give you a little sneak peek into their gorgeous, rustic log cabin!

In love with their mantle!

Gorgeous woodwork. So stinking jealous.

Their loft overlooking the dining and living rooms.

I would totally label my porch if I had one.

So inspired by this wrapped fixture!

Birdhouses everywhere!

I hope yall enjoyed the views of my Great Aunt and Uncle's house like I did. It was so relaxing and far from the city with some sweet woods in the backyard. I wish I could've shared so many more pictures, but this was enough of a picture overload for you!

P.S. I have the job interview for a job I want like crazy this Thursday, so please send a prayer my way if you remember me. Have a blessed week!

Friday, July 13, 2012

High Five for Friday!

I can't believe it's already Friday again. I don't know about yall, but this week just flew by for me. Why's that you might ask?

1. After turning in 13 applications last week, I finally got a job! Sure, it's only part time and mainly revolves around something I have no experience in, but I finally have a source of income! No more stealing from the savings account. :)

2. As we speak, I'm on my way to Ohio for a family packed weekend. We rarely get to see my mom's side of the family so it's going to be awesome!
Just a sneak peek of my suitcase. Fun colors, right?

3. I've been trying some fun new ideas for my shop this week. I've been meaning to put my embroidery up for such a long time but always get sidetracked. Thankfully this period of not having a job means I've gotten a lot done. And I mean a lot.

4. Remember the confusing story of how I met my boyfriend? Short version: He's my sister's husband's brother, and no, we are not related. It does usually make for some fun double dates though! We decided on Cracker Barrel this week, and it was as amazing as always. If you've never had their pancakes, you have to get out there asap!

5. Cow Appreciation Day for free chicken. Enough said.

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