Monday, July 23, 2012

Back To School//Music Monday

Guys, it is about that time to go back to school! Is anyone as depressed as I am that they're not going back this year? I've had more than a year off (thanks to Louisiana laws and admissions people lying), and I just can't stand it! I'll definitely be going back to school in January, it's just a matter of time!

Until then though, I'd like to share one of my funniest memories from school. It was in second grade. Our teacher for the year moved, so we had a string of substitute teachers, but my principal was our main teacher once we didn't get a solid replacement. One day we had a field trip that my dad and his best friend dad helped chaperone. I honestly don't remember where it was to, but I do remember that we were having lunch at Ryan's buffet and going back to school for a water gun fight.

Halfway to Ryan's, we happen to pass a Papa John's. No big deal, but what second grade kid doesn't adore pizza? So my dad and his friend think it's hilarious to start off a chant, "Papa John's, Papa John's, Papa John's." You can only imagine how well that went off. I remember thinking for some reason that we had convinced the bus driver that we would totally change our plans. All the kids were getting really excited, and we were so into it. Only to see ourselves turning into Ryan's a few minutes later. Try handling a load of 20 sad second graders.

We eventually get over Ryan's. I particularly remember making a huge mess at the ice cream station and getting yelled at. Anyways, we pack up our things and head back to the school for the water gun fight. We had the bus parking lot for the rest of the day to run around and soak each other to our little heart's content. For whatever reason, my dad and his friend get in the car, lock the doors and open the sunroof. They then start pelting us with water balloons. Of course, we were screaming and running around loving every second of it. But that was definitely my dad's last strike with my principal/teacher.

After the water war, my principal pulls my dad and his friend to the side and forever ban him from field trips. 
What about you? I'd love to hear your favorite school memories too!
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  1. I was in the band and had lots of good memories

  2. i guess i missed it but why can't you go back to school until January?

    1. I was told that I'd be able to push my acceptance back a few semesters, but it was only allowed once and by that time, I had already missed the application deadline for fall semester. :(


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