Thursday, July 26, 2012

Trip to IKEA

I believe that everyone should make a huge deal out of IKEA. Do you not?
Sure, if you live ten minutes away from one, it kind of becomes an average experience, and not that exciting. But imagine with me, if you will, living ten minutes from IKEA then picking up and moving 12 hours away where your closest IKEA is four hours away. Perhaps I'm overreacting a little bit, but I just went to IKEA last weekend for my first time in over a year, and I was pumped. Check out what I got for my new yellow and grey room for only $93.39!
This looks so much cooler and fluffier in person. Source.
This rug is the only thing that was on my list. Source.
Double sided frame, had to buy two! Source.
Freaking huge magnetic board! Thinking about covering it in a pretty fabric. Source.
Also had to get two of these. Source.
That really ugly orange vase on the right is totally yellow in person. Picture taking fail. Source.
And according to my Martha Stewart Living magazine, everyone needs to keep around some basic cupcake/cake supplies, so here's the cuties I bought!

So those were the non-food items that I bought. Of course I had to go downstairs and buy some lingonberry juiceboxes (I only have one left!) and a cinnamon roll, to complete my IKEA experience. It wasn't until later that I realized I could've used my IKEA family member card for free coffee too! 

I would seriously love to hear some of your IKEA experiences too! Has anyone had a bad trip at IKEA? Or found some crazy awesome sales? Let me know!


  1. I absolutely love IKEA. I have bought many items from there mainly furniture but I am never disappointed. I live an hour away from an IKEA but I don't go there that often but when I am in need of something IKEA is my place to go.

    I bought my entertainment center from IKEA as well as my bedroom dressers. My daughters bed, comforter set, and dressers are also from IKEA. The only thing that is time consuming is putting everything together. Good thing I am mechanically inclined so the husband and I were able to assemble everything together pretty quick. Well enough on that.

    The food court is the best part about going to IKEA. Sometimes that is the only reason to go. Get some shopping done and then you eat. Best trip ever.

    1. You're my stinking hero! I feel my future home will be completely decked out in IKEA furniture too. There's a bed frame I love but I'm waiting until I move to make the four hour trip!

  2. Awesome!! I really love that magnetic board. Gonna have to look for that whenever we make another trip to Ikea. ours is about... 45 min away. Prolly a good thing for my wallet. :)

    And ps- You need to add your email address to your profile! I wanted to email you back about the comment you left on my blog just a min. ago, but I couldn't cuz it said you were a no-reply blogger. :(

    You can totally do an art journal! :)

    1. Oh, I didn't know how to do that! I've always wanted to figure it out though, because I love when someone responds to a comment! Glad your wallet is somewhat fuller than mine was this week!


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