Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

I hope you've been having a great weekend! Easter is my second favorite holiday (nothing beats Christmas), just for what it stands for. I'll never comprehend how our God can be so loving.

This weekend started bright and early Saturday morning. We had an Easter Egg Hunt at work for the employees and I was asked to come in early to help get the restaurant opened. If I had known that was why I was coming in early, I wouldn't have been dressed like this:
Cute? Yes. Practical for squeezing lemons? No way.
I only won $10, opposed to the paid vacation days and $100, but it was still fun!

Almost immediately after, I started my first day at a new job! I'm in the processes of finding a new apartment or roommate and it's just so slow. The job was amazingly fun though! It's with inflatable moonbounce birthday parties and we were able to play with the kids (I've never done the Hokey Pokey so many times in one day). However, these were by far my favorite part of the day.
The kids loved them and I only got knocked around a few times.

On my way out the door, I realized we'd be going to church less than an hour from then for our Easter service. I threw on the same outfit and headed out the door. The sermon was amazing, of course, but worship is what really touched me. I loved this song!

After church we went home and made Rice Krispy Treats and watched Baby Mama. 
Check back tomorrow for more details about today!


  1. happy easter kara ... so pleased your busy day was so rewarding for you, maybe not financially but definitely in lots of other ways!

  2. happy easter my pretty one! xoxo i hope it was filled with love!

  3. that sounds like a fun job!! I'm sure you're great at it!! and I was just saying that I wanted to watch the movie baby mama again. : ) have a good start to the week!


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