Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Obsession Explained:

There is no question about it, I love weddings. I can watch Say Yes to the Dress until the end of time. I subscribe to Martha Stewart's wedding magazine. I have a secret folder on my computer just for wedding ideas. If there's an engagement video on youtube, I've seen it and cried to it. You should just see my Pinterest boards.

Yes, there are very shallow reasonings to my love of weddings. I just love the glam of it all. I love the dresses, the cakes, the flowers, the invitations, all of it.

However, my absolute favorite part is when the bride walks down the aisle. Not to see her amazing dress (well that does have a little to do with it) but I love her facial expression. That bride is going to spend the rest of her life with the man God has intended for her and that's the only thing that matters.

So yes, while I may someday be excited for my wedding day and already have every second planned, I can't wait until my actual wedding so I know that I'll be the happiest I've ever been.


  1. Yes! Weddings are such lovely occasions! My favorite part is watching the groom's face as the bride starts walking down the aisle :)

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  3. I feel the same way about weddings!
    BTW, Cute blog - this is my first time here and I'll be subscribing. :)

    - Melanie

  4. You're the sweetest!!! I LOVE weddings too!!! My hubby laughs that I watch Say Yes to Dress and all the wedding shows out there hehe


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