Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Guest Post: Lindsay from Three Peas In My Little Pod!

Welcome to Week 2 of my guest posting series this summer! Today, I am more than happy to introduce yall to Lindsay. Her blog is way too cute! I'm beyond in love with some of her real life pins she posts. Go make sure you check her out after you read her lovely post!
Hi Lovelies!! I'm Lindsay and I blog over at Three Peas In My Little Pod!
My little piece of the blogosphere consists of recipes, DIY projects, fashion posts and lots of random things about being a Momma & Wifey.

I don't know about all of you, but I loooove summer. LOVE. It's by far my favorite time of year. It's filled with so many fun things - the river, the beach, the pool. Being outside and cooking out is one of my favorite warm weather activities. What better to quench your thirst than some hippie juice! I just found this great summer cocktail on Pinterest a while ago, and finally tweaked it to my tastes. It was AMAZING. It was totally delish! 

You Need:
1 c melon rum
1/3 c malibu rum with pineapple liqueur
1/3 c triple sec
1/2 c pink lemonade drink mix
fresh strawberries
fresh blueberries

Take an empty juice jug (I used a Simply Juice container) and add your pink lemonade mix, melon rum, malibu & triple sec. Next, add water up the neck of the jug and shake, shake, shake what your Momma gave ya! Once the drink mix has dissolved add in diced strawberries and blueberries. Chill for an hour, then enjoy!!

A huge thanks to Kara for letting me come over to her blog and say Hi to all of you wonderful readers!!
I hope you all enjoyed her post. Sadly I won't be able to try out this recipe for a few more months, but I hope you love it! 
Keep in mind that The Snugly Duckling is still looking for more guest posters this summer! Shoot me a quick email if you're interested.!

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