Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Guest Post from Megan at Shaping Up to Be a Mom!

Hello everyone and welcome to week 3 of my guest posts!! I have an awesome post for you today from Megan. I'm actually really jealous of everything she's accomplished so far. Maybe a 30 before 30 list is in my future soon too. Her link is below, so make sure you check her out!
Thanks to Kara for having me on The Snugly Duckling today!

I'm Megan from Shaping Up To Be A Mom, where I write about all things fashion, fitness, family, and lots more! I have two minis, Carter (3), and Vanessa (1), and we live with Daddy in southern Arizona, though I am originally from Maine.

I saw Kara's post about her bucket list, so I thought I'd share my bucket list with you today!

If you visit my blog, you will see my 30 Before 30 page. These are things I'm trying to finish before I turn 30 (I bet you could have guessed that, huh?), and I have just under two years left! I pulled my 30 before 30 list from my larger bucket list that has 1001 items!

A few things I've completed:

#16. Run a 10k race

Saying hi to the kiddos before the gun!

For Christmas, my husband based my gifts on my 30 before 30 list, and for one of them, he signed me up for a 10k! I trained for 8 weeks and then ran the whole thing without stopping to walk, which was my goal. It was also my goal to not finish last. I was slow, but I wasn't last! Read more about it here! Next running goal is a half-marathon at the end of August!

#8. Develop a skin care routine that works for me

As we've already covered, I am getting older! I wanted a quick and easy skin care routine that would take care of my skin while being something I could stick with every day. Turns out some of the cheapest products are the best! Read more here!

#30. Learn to solve a Rubix cube

This one will come in handy one of these days, I just know. Going along with his theme, my husband got me a Rubix cube for Christmas, and I spent all night watching YouTube videos and learning how to solve it. The main key is memorization, and once you get that part down, it's simple!

A few things I'm working on:

#1. Weigh 130 pounds

I think I picked 130 because of the "30" theme. Currently I'm trying to get to 140, which was my prepregnancy weight, and my long-term goal would be 125. I recently posted about some pretty sweet incentives I have if I reach my goal by the end of August. My half-marathon training will hopefully help me out with this one!

#6. Have another baby

We definitely want to have another baby and soon! I'm getting baby hungry, and I even started up a Pinterest board with some cute ideas. Here's one, how cute is this nursery?!


#10. Be successful and lucrative with my Cents of Style business

About 6 months ago, I signed on to be a stylist for the online boutique Cents of Style. They sell the cutest shoes, bags, and accessories for the lowest prices, and as a stylist it's like a little business of my own. I do at-home parties locally as well as website sales. I keep a Facebook page updated with all the latest products, so feel free to "like" it to get all the current info! If you love it, use coupon code "0512" on the website for 10% off and free shipping!

Want to start your own bucket list? It's easy! Just start writing things down that you would like to do, and start doing them! Here are some prompts to help you get started:

1. What are your major life-long dreams? Think BIG things, seemingly impossible things!
2. Where would you like to travel to? What would you like to do there? Examples: eat pizza in Italy, drink tea in England, ride a cable car in San Francisco.
3. Think major life events: graduate from college, get married, have a baby.
4. Think accomplishments: own a business, run a marathon, get a promotion, do 10 pull-ups.
5. Think fun: go to a spa, ride an upside down roller coaster, feed a giraffe.

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you'll stop by sometime and tell me about your list!


  1. I'm thinking about making bucketlists too- one for me and one for things with the kiddos. I love the questions!

  2. aw hi meg!! thanks for the post!


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