Friday, June 15, 2012

High Five for Friday!

Although I really have no reason for Friday to be my favorite days, I still just love them to recap through the week. I cannot tell you how many times this week I had to ask someone what day it is! It's just so hard to stay in the flow, if there's no flow to be in. That probably doesn't make sense, so here's my highlights from the week!

1. HUGE news!!
My blog reached 100 followers this week! I am so blessed to have all of you who care about me. I've made some great friends through this fun blogging experience, and I can't wait to meet even more of you!

2. My church will never cease to amaze me. We did baptisms this week, and His presence just overwhelmed me. It was such a beautiful moment that, of course, I had to tweet about it. ;)
I was so honored that my church and pastor both retweeted me!

3. Framed Frosting's blog hosts "secret swaps" for her blogger friends, and it was SO much fun! We each got assigned a random person, and no one knew who had gotten who. Here's the fun gifts I got from my new blogger friend, Kristin! Make sure you check out her blog too. She's great!
It came with a bath bomb (which I totally used last night), chalkboard coasters, and fantastic cookie butter!

4. More time off work, means more time for crafting, right? Yesterday, my sister and I broke into my sewing machine, rethreaded it, and I'm totally ready to give it another shot!

5. I got to babysit the stinking cutest kid this week! I was cracking up when I saw him set up like this.

Make sure you link up with Lauren this week so that I can see all your week's highlights too!


  1. congrats on 100 my love!!! :0) and i love that little kid - so dang cute xoxo missed you and the blogging world!

    1. Thanks so much sweety! I was just looking at your blog today wondering when you'd be back. We've missed you too!


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