Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Target Tuesday

This is my first link up! I absolutely adore all things Target, and made myself look through everything after seeing the post. So here are just a few of the fabulous things I fell in love with.

These shoes are my new life goal. Pathetic to make a goal around a pair of shoes? Possibly. But look how cute!

The decision I made this week? I want, maybe even need, a pair of colored skinny jeans. Are these not the most precious things you've ever seen? Now if they'd only come back in stock!

I am absolutely in love with dolman tops and cropped tee trend lately. And a pocket in it? Genius!

I love dresses. The best part of living Louisiana is that it's been 70-75 all week long, in January. So that means that I can wear this little cutie all year round!

This one's just for fun! For those of you who don't know me in real life, I love Peanuts. I have the entire collection of comics, all the holiday specials, the actual Charlie Brown Christmas tree, cookie cutters, a figurine, you get the picture. This shirt just adds to the magic. :)


  1. I love dresses too! And here in Alabama it's usually hot from March to October so yay for dresses!

  2. My nickname since birth is Bird, after Woodstock from Peanuts. :)

  3. That dress is super cute! ^^ Really nice picks.

    xx Satu
    Indie by Heart

  4. I love dresses too, unfortunately where I live it it cold & rainy 8 months out of the year! That dress is adorable, love it! Too bad Target isn't available in Canada yet! Cant wait til it is!

    The Urban Umbrella

  5. I love that dress! I think I need to run to Target today to get it. xo

  6. love the dress!!! And the dolman top :-)

  7. love this series! Target is one my biggest addictions! :)

  8. i want that dress! Target is my love/hate relationship!


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