Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The 704

Today is a really sad day for me. It's the day that new semesters start. If you didn't see on my resolutions, I'm taking this entire year off of school. It was supposed to help me get into a better school, but I'm just so sick of it. So in my sadness, I'd figured I'd post a few pictures of my old friends and just say how much I miss yall. Hoping to be back there as soon as possible!

That is one of my very best friends, Loren. She and I were roommates for my sophomore year and we had the most amazing time together. We've been there for each other at 1am crying over boys, making s'mores, playing just dance, venting over the crazy roommates we've had, listening to Ke$ha at full blast, walking the long way to class to see cute boys, working out, hacking each other's facebooks, anything you can imagine. I miss her so much and hope we can live together again soon!

This was another one of my roommates that I actually got along with. Her name is Andra, and she is absolutely awesome. She and I used to always be found in the living room, having stupid conversations on facebook about our fake children, fake boyfriends, and our fake tans. And most of these conversations happened in French, via Google Translate (krkrkr). I miss her like nuts and we barely talk anymore!

These were my best friends the summer after high school. I have no idea why we didn't hang out sooner, but I love them all! This was a particularly awesome night with Apples to Apples. Because you can never go wrong with Apples to Apples.

This is Melissa and Blayke. We were amazingly close in middle school, sleepovers every week and that nonsense. When I went to a different high school it was kinda hard to stay in touch. We still talk occasionally, and try to hang out when we're all in town. I know I had a blast this last time the 3 of us hung out!

This is all for my reminiscing tonight. I am hoping to move back to that area as soon as possible and would love to see each and every one of you again!


  1. Reminiscing is fun! I'm sorry that you're missing school and your friends and I hope you get to feeling better soon. =)


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