Monday, January 16, 2012

Give Up on Giving Up

I've recently noticed that I have a complete lack of drive. I give up entirely too easy on what feels like everything. From relationships to pinterest projects, it seems like nothing can survive.

My newest resolution for 2012: Give up on giving up.

How in the world does one go about doing that? It's a fantastic question I'm still asking myself but I have a few quick hopefully easy goals on how to get there.

1. Schedule. I now have an extremely detailed schedule for every single thing that needs to happen in one day, including work, pinterest projects, exercise, family time, and time with God.
2. Journal, journal, journal. I know I won't be completely perfect on my schedule every single day (like blogging right now). This way I can keep myself in check hopefully and see what days I felt like giving up, and why!
3. Stop being lazy. My biggest problem is laying in bed and spending all day on Netflix. Maybe I'll cancel it but I kinda doubt it.

What about yall? How do you stay motivated?

PS I got my partner for the New Year Blogging Party. Click the link to your right to check it out!


  1. sounds like a good plan! i just take one day at a time & do what i can do :)

  2. I need to work on 2 and 3!! :) I am struggling with my days right now....graduated but no's been hard but I know God is at work!

  3. i LOVE this idea and hope to be the same way! my biggest way of staying motivatred are making lists! once i check something off, even if its super small, i feel so accomplished :)

  4. AWESOME ... what a great new years resolution. i know what you mean about giving up, i tend to get stressed and then give up on everything rather and work through one thing at a time!


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