Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Nifty Gifties

I love giving gifts. I try my hardest to pick out a great gift that shows I put a bit of thought into it. I just think it's so rewarding to see the looks on their faces. So when my boyfriend got called out to work in the rain for a few hours, I thought he deserved something a little special. I ran to Target and picked up a few small things for about $15.
And I made the cute label with My Memories Suite.
I was able to move around some things, use some tissue paper I had lying around, and came up with this idea:

Then I forgot about a fun Batman mug I ordered for him on eBay, so I was able to surprise him with this cutie. I love Snoopy, and might have a coloring book I was able to cut around.

It was an all around cute week for presents! What's some of your favorite gifts you've ever given?


  1. How cute! What a great idea for a gift. I love creating little gift "baskets" out of little things I can find and put together. :) It's more personal that way too.

  2. aaah what a cute idea! I love giving cute creative gifts too...I feel like people appreciate them so much more! I remember a favorite of mine was a book I had made from shutterfly of all of our "dating" pictures for my husband for our anniversary. :-) I was so excited to give it to him ha. I think I was way more excited than he was to open it--isn't that always the way?! haha.

    Come on over and follow along Color Issue...I think you'd really enjoy it (but than again I might be a bit bias?!) ha.


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