Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Guest Post from Incorporating Color!

Alright everyone, here is my very last guest post for the summer! I'd love to introduce you all to Kati. She's a newer blogger who's blog has just really taken off! I can't wait to see what else she has in store for us.
Hey everybody, I'm Kati from Incorporating Color, and I'm excited to be guest posting for Kara today. I've been reading Kara's blog for months now, and I love how crafty and creative she is, especially because when, even when I have really good intentions, things never turn out the way I think they will.

On that note, I'm going to share with you some projects from Pinterest (because really, how did we get creative ideas before that) that I think are easy enough that even I could do them. Not saying they'll turn out, but you know. They could.

Source: via Kati on Pinterest

I actually made something similar to this paint-chip calendar two days ago, and I'll definitely be sharing it on my blog in the upcoming future. I'm happy to say that it did, in fact, work out!

Source: via Kati on Pinterest

I am fairly confident that if I attempted any wine cork projects, I'd be successful, but the problem is that I drink boxed wine because it's cheap and I live alone and I'm unclassy like that, so I don't have corks sitting around. This is a bummer.

Source: via Kati on Pinterest

The whole crayon-art trend seems like it would be doable, but I have a feeling I'd be able to find some way to mess it up. Anyone tried this yet? Pinterest just makes everything look so easy!

Source: via Kati on Pinterest

I love this because it combines two of my favorite things: books and fake birds (really birds are kind of terrifying). It also looks relatively easy, because although I lack most creative skills, I'm pretty okay at looking at a picture of something that I googled and drawing it on paper, especially something like this bird. I could do this! Maybe. Also since my classroom (I am teaching 7th and 8th grade reading) is decorated mostly with book pages and trees, these would be fun additions.

So have you tried any of these projects? What else is something so easy that even I could do it? :) Stop on by my blog and visit me, or check me out on Pinterest to see what else I (wrongly) think I could make! 



  1. haha I have to agree with Kati's statement, "I love this because it combines two of my favorite things: books and fake birds (really fake birds are kind of terrifying)." Too funny, and totally true! I'll be checking out your blog soon, Kati!

  2. That paint chip calendar is brilliant!! :)


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