Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Polyvore Files

Two posts in one day?! Might be my first time trying this, but I can't help I found two link ups that I adore on the same day! Have you heard of The Polyvore Files yet? It's a super new link up that is probably the most perfect one in existence.
This week, in honor of the beautiful ending to the Bama-Auburn game, I am focusing my outfit all around Auburn's colors. Now let me clarify, I usually don't pull for Auburn. I don't keep up with their scores, heck, I don't even know their quarterback's name. BUT as an LSU girl through and through, I despise Bama and all things Nick Saban.  Don't know this great moment I'm talking about? Watch it here!

Here's what I would have worn if I were able to witness that glorious moment in person:



  1. I LOVE the first outfit. Super cute, and those toms are really cool.

  2. that was a beautiful ending to the game, ha!
    great outfits!

  3. I have a red scarf exactly like that blue one. It is a very versatile piece.


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