Thursday, December 19, 2013


Watching: Scrubs on Netflix! It's one of the many shows I wasn't allowed to watch growing up (I feel a post coming soon about this), so I'm getting to see it all for the first time!

Listening to: Christmas music, of course! Especially the She & Him album. Their version of The Christmas Waltz is by far my favorite song this month.

Thinking about: My dream office. Especially now that Nate Berkus has his own line of office supplies. I think we know where all my Christmas gift cards will be going.

Trying to figure out: How to have a view like this. So far winning the lottery or marrying ridiculously rich seems to be my only option. ;)

Looking forward to: Christmas Eve! I just found out that I won't be working like I thought. I'm super ready for family time.

Reading: This is secretly the reason I wrote this post. I just got my new Nook charger in the mail, so I've already downloaded three books. This is what I read all day yesterday:

And I've definitely got some Jodi Picoult that I'll be starting today!

Making me happy: I just got a lovely email from Joni at Six Cherries on Top offering me to be the new co-host in The Polyvore Files link up. Anyone who's seen this blog in the past few weeks can probably just imagine how ecstatic that makes me!


  1. Scrubs is hilarious!

    I am in love with that view. How amazing would it be to wake up to that every single morning?

  2. Walker and I are working our way through Scrubs, too! I love it!

  3. Scrubs I love that show so much, must rewatch it.

    i have read the book and I liked it...I think. Have read some of Jodi Picoult's books,keep the tissues close.


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