Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Polyvore Files: Comfy Cozy Style

So I know when I first started The Polyvore Files link up, I said I'd only do it on days I didn't feel like doing Sunday Socials. But honestly, how do you pick between the two most amazing link ups possible?
I'm doing something a little different this week though. I usually just post an outfit, but seeing how this outfit is so cozy with just a pair of leggings and a long sweater, I thought I'd add some comfy cozy home touches too. 
Comfy cozy :D

Comfy cozy :D by kara-stone featuring Pier 1 Imports

No lie, I went to check out Joni's bloggy after posting mine, and saw she used the exact phrase, "comfy cozy" too. It's just that time of year!


  1. I lovee that couch + that table! Ohh and those tights! Time to update my Christmas wishlist. ;)

  2. Love the color combo! I have been dying for a tripod lamp too! I have the perfect spot for one! And of course that outfit looks amazingly comfy cozy! So funny we used the same phrase!

  3. I love long sweaters and leggings. So comfy! Love that couch too.

  4. Amazing! I love this colour at the moment, it's fabulous


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