Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What WE Wore Wednesday

It might not be spring yet, but  if it's going to be 57 degrees out, then I'm sure going to dress like it is! Working in retail keeps me super up to date on fashion trends, and the "it" color for the season. Our store is calling for coral again this spring! What do you think? Are we loving or hating on seeing coral all over again? Since I'm still a little undecided on it, I decided to add another bold accent color to my outfit, giving me this coral and teal ensemble.
Please excuse the hardly there makeup and ponytail. This is my "Ugh, I have to open at work, but still have time to blog" look.

Anddd a close up of me hunching over. So wasn't prepared for picture taking today!

Now, you might be wondering where this "WE" is coming from. To my regular followers, it is not news that I have a fur baby. You've seen him all over this blog, and today, you get to see how stylish he can be too!
Yay Colston! This is the little sweater my mom bought him for Christmas, and good golly, he loves it!

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  1. I love coral. :) I have loved it for quite a while. I like bright, bold coral and am actually wearing it today!


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