Monday, February 4, 2013

My AMAZING Internship

It's hopefully no secret now, that I love Graphic Design. I love the fonts, I love the early mornings and late nights working, I love learning Photoshop (and what makes it different from Illustrator.) It's all just an amazing process that I'm so happy that I've found! So of course, when I saw an amazing opportunity where I can use my design skills, and maybe make an impact on the world, I got stoked.

Before moving, I googled "Graphic Design Internships in Charlotte, NC" not really expecting something looking for zero experience. Of course, I found an internship with the organization Give Fifty One. It was quite a different interviewing process, especially when I lost the phone number of my interviewer. I was pretty sure I blew it, but then I received an amazing email one night for an interview within the next few days! At the interview, I was so excited to hear them talk about the company and what they believed. (And to find out that we all went to the same church! I will never stop being amazed at the ways God brings certain people into my life.)
I could never fully expand on the amazing intent of this company, or go into as much passion and detail as the (super nice!) co-founders could. Whatever definition I give you, will be lacking in comparison, but I should 100% still spread the word, yes?

Give Fifty One is a company that sells watches. And not to mention, pretty cute watches!
The one I'm determined to eventually get!

With 51% of the profits from the watches, they donate! And what do they donate that money to? Helping end child homelessness. Sounds like a pretty huge goal to tackle, right? Well, within their first year of business, they have been able to sponsor 6 children in Zimbabwe, donate over 500 pairs of jeans to children, and join together with companies like Aeropostale in giving out teddy bears and toys to children for Christmas. And that's just the beginning for them!
On a monthly basis, they serve with underprivileged children to teach them about God. I was able to go with them this past week, and it just touched my heart. From the very moment I walked in, and received a hug from a little girl who hadn't even introduced herself to me, all the way to the cleanup at the end, it was an amazing and touching experience.
I feel that Give Fifty One and my partnership with them, is one of the so many wonderful reasons that God brought me back to Charlotte, and I can't wait to see what else He has in store for me in this amazing city.

Just in case you're interested in keeping up with them (or getting to see some of the work I do with them), here's a link to their facebook. They truly are an amazing company!

Disclaimer: This was not at all a promotional post on behalf of GFO. All views are mine entirely and do not represent the company.

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