Tuesday, October 2, 2012

10 Geeky Facts About Me

The sweet Lena has her Tuesday 10 this week for top 10 geeky things about you.  

I don't know about you, but I'm a huge geek. I know beyond doubt that I am a geek. But whenever I sat down to write about this, I couldn't think of many examples. The one that kept coming up was "old lady," because I'm an old lady in every shape and form. I'd call that pretty geeky. See for yourself!

1. I embroider, sew, cross stitch, and I have a class tonight to learn to knit.
2. I go to sleep by 10:30 every night. Last Friday, I got in bed at 9.
3. My friends lovingly call me "Mom." I'm the one making sure they don't get hurt.
4. I read in the tub at least once a week.
5. I work at a fabric store, and get along better with my white haired coworkers than with ones my own age.
6. "You wear a cardigan on top of another cardigan." I'm not yet at this point, but it's coming. Especially the ones with the elbow covers.
7. I had an Android for a week and couldn't figure out how to use it to its full extent. Instagram and texting were my two staples.
8. I think Hot in Cleveland is one of the funniest shows around.
9. I say things like "Geez Louise" and "Oh goodness!"
10. I am almost always in pain. That's a little sad, but my scoliosis makes me so old!  


  1. i want to learn how to knit! i can crochet, but the extent of that ends at a scarf haha. i'm not so great at sewing though. the seam ripper and i are best friends every time i try it. i also say "oh goodness" or "oh geez" a lot.

  2. I love the name of your blog! Reference to one of my fav movies...that has my favourite actor as the star :) Good times!


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