Friday, October 5, 2012

High Five for Friday!

1. I have 6 spots left for free blog design! Send me an email if you're interested!

2. I've had some pretty huge life decisions to make this week. I'd go into the details, but it's probably not all that interesting. Anyways, it led to some much needed alone time with me and God.

3. I'd say any week that involves Starbucks is pretty amazing. I finally tried the salted caramel mocha. Yum!

4. I took a basic sewing class! I've been kinda teaching myself, but this class helped so much with all the basics. It was great!

5. I got in a teeny tiny fender bender. And by fender bender, I mean that a lady backed her car right into me. This might not seem all that exciting, but sense it was her fault, I get to fix up my car a little bit for free. And of course I have to clean it and all before it goes into the shop. She'll be brand new!

Come link up with Lauren for High Five for Friday!


  1. Ooh! I'd love to talk my little sis into blogging more... maybe a brand new design is just want she needs!? lol I'll email you!

    1. Oh I hope so!! I had to do the same for my sister, but she definitely still isn't into blogging. So sad! I haven't been able to access your new link all day, but I loved the sneak peek you put on Instagram! So cute!

  2. i've been thinking about redoing my blog. i may email you about it

  3. Ouch, sorry about your car!




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