Sunday, October 21, 2012

What's on My Heart

For those of you who missed my last post, I have officially decided to move back to my home town in North Carolina. It was a decision that I did NOT make lightly, but I had one huge "Yes, this is it" moment. We went to visit last weekend, and I was just praying the entire weekend that God would make His plan clear to me. The answer that He gave me minutes later was so powerful that I was moved to tears. After that moment, North Carolina was the only option available. We came home from our trip and started telling my family and close friends.
Before church today, I heard that someone who is very dear to me that we had told was not as supportive as I would have hoped. After I had gotten this clear, beautiful moment from God, I'll be honest, I was infuriated. I started crying because I was just so angry that this person couldn't see the plan that He had made so clear to me. It distracted me through most of worship, but in the last song, we sang about surrendering all. I told God then and there that I was sorry I let that distract me, and just prayed that He would soften the heart of those who didn't understand.
Then of course, our pastor spoke about faith. And one of his main points was, "Don't let others stop you from God's purpose for your life." I just felt a huge burden lifted from me, and knew then, that it doesn't matter what this person thinks of me. I'm doing something so amazing through God, and I can't be distracted from that. Not everyone will approve of my life choices. It can hurt and be hard, but I need to carry out God's will in my life and that was made so amazingly clear to me today.

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