Tuesday, October 30, 2012

You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch!

For regular readers of The Snugly Duckling, it is no surprise that I love Christmas. Yes, it's totally normal to start decorating on Halloween Day, totally normal to listen to Christmas music since September, totally normal to start making Christmas crafts over the weekend.. Right? Right.

In honor of early Christmas, I made (in my opinion) the cutest craft ever, and I didn't even have to use Pinterest! I feel like that's a much bigger feat than it probably is, but I'm super proud.

Anyways, the finished product to my craft, followed by a short tute:

What you need:
Lion Brand Fun Fur Yarn. I used a full one, and maybe an eighth of the second one.
(And if you have the Jo-Ann's app, you can usually find a 50% coupon!)
A foam wreath of any size. I think mine is 8 inches
Hot glue
Red felt/fleece
Cotton balls

Step 1: Add a tiny dab of hot glue to whichever side you designate the back of your wreath.
Step 2: Cut about 2-3 feet of yarn. Wrap, wrap wrap. Then secure the end with hot glue.
Pay no mind to the fact that it looks like a pumpkin here. It is still totally a Christmas craft. ;)

Step 3: Repeat.

Step 5: Repeat.

Step 6: Repeat. (This part usually takes about an hour and a half and can be very boring without company.)

Step 7: Once your wreath is fully wrapped, it's time to make your Santa hat! (I considered buying one, but Mr. Grinch would've been disappointed in me.)

Step 8: Cut out a hat shape. It can be a full triangle, kind of a half triangle with some edges, or however you want. I also think it'd be super fun to have a patterned print, like flannel or something Christmas-y.

Step 9: Attach your cotton balls using hot glue again, and bam! There's your Santa hat!

Step 10: Attaching the Santa hat. This part is no bueno. 
What worked best for me, was a foam paint brush, just because I had one lying around. Using a knife, I cut a slit in my wreath in a spot the yarn was a little sparse. I cut all the foam off the paint brush, and shoved the plastic piece in with SO much hot glue. From there, you just glue the hat onto the actual wreath, and the end of the paintbrush. I'm sure you could use wire, or an actual Santa hat to make it work a little easier.

I hope you enjoyed my tute. It was honestly such a fun craft, and I was mega stoked to see the end result. Let me know if anyone tries it! I'd love to see pictures or improvements!

PS. You can check out the other wreaths I've made here and here or in my Etsy shop.


  1. Oh goodness this is awesome!!! Thanks for your comment by the way. Oh and your a no-reply blogger,it's pretty simple to change you can go over to:
    http://www.sippycupsandpearls.com She has a real simple way of doing it!!

  2. You are literally a life saver! I've been trying to figure out how to do this forever. I think I have it figured out. :)

  3. what an awesome wreath kara!! i love it and it is a perfect way to use that green yarn, thread i'm not sure what to call it

  4. Great idea! I adore Christmas too!

  5. This is amazing, girl! Thanks for posting - I love the idea of making wreaths and may need to try this one :)

    Hope you're doing great, sweetie!

  6. Kara, that's really cute and creative!

    PS: We did have a safe and candy filled night. It was cold out but my six year old still managed to make it around the big block and candy was spilling out of her bucket. So by those standards it was a huge success!


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