Friday, December 9, 2011

25 Days of Crafting Day 9: Guest Post

Hi everyone! I'm Morgan and I'm visiting today from Faith, Hope & Love! I love blogging about home and life. Today I'm sharing a Christmas craft as part of Kara's 25 days of crafts.

I saw this image on Pinterest several weeks ago:

I tried to find the link to share, but I couldn't find it again. When I had seen it on Pinterest, these cute little Christmas trees were being shared as tree ornaments. I thought they looked like fun, but wanted to try something else with them.

I took my paint chips and cut them into Christmas tree shapes in different sizes.

Then I started gluing several together to form a grouping of trees in different colors. I had planned on adding tree stumps at the end, but I liked the modern look without having the tree stumps.

Once I had my grouping of trees, I grabbed one of my cute, little gift bags (1 dollar each at dollar general!).

And added my trees:

I thought this would be so cute and modern to give people's Christmas presents in. I also thought it would look cute on wrapping paper too.

I also tried just slipping the trees into a frame for some Christmas decor.

I love that you can pretty much use any colors that you like for it and it's still Christmas-y. I also have several trees left over and I'm planning on creating a few ornaments out of those. My friend Kelly also suggested that they could be used on Christmas cards too! It's such an easy project, but with many uses.

Happy crafting! And thanks Kara for having me over for 25 days of crafts!



  1. Very cute Morgan! And such an easy (and free!) craft!

  2. OMG I am going to do this for a Christmas Card. Morgan you're the best girl

  3. This is awesome... and so easy too! Thanks for sharing darling :)


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