Tuesday, December 6, 2011

25 Days of Crafting Day 5

I hope you all loved my guest post yesterday! Like she said, Melissa and I have been friends since middle school. It meant so much that she did it for me!
Down to business though, I'm waiting until 11:11 (make a wish) to write today's post. It might be a little rushed, but hopefully still pretty awesome.

I'm sure you've seen these floating around Pinterest, but here's my version of chalkboard wine glasses.

They were so easy to make!
All you need:
wineglasses (12 for $10 at WalMart)
and Chalkboard Spray paint!

It took me awhile to figure out the way I wanted to mark off the bottoms to make sure the stems would stay dry. It turned out the easiest way to do so was to tape a piece of paper (in a very straight line) around the parts you wanted safe!
(iPhoto wouldn't rotate this for anything.)

Then, you spraypaint!
I painted very lightly, I'd definitely recommend a second coat.

And that's all! You have your beautiful wineglasses for your fancy occasions, or just a night at home! I've also seen DIYs on Pinterest to make your chalkboard paint whatever color you'd like. I can only imagine the possibilities! I hope your's turn out absolutely perfect!

And just for fun, a few bloopers:
I somehow picked up the wrong spray paint can. I just painted right over it though and it worked fine!

And here's the neighborhood cat, who would not leave me alone! I love her, but it was hard getting anything done!


  1. cute cute! i love all things chalkboard paint :)

  2. That turned out adorable! I love how your little friend got in the last picture. =)

  3. Turned out great! I've got lots of DIY ideas coming up too. Enter to win 5 shirts from StyleMint!


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