Sunday, December 11, 2011

25 Days of Crafting Day 11

DIY Magnets
I made these cuties today!
They're really simple to make! Just choose your fabric, mod podge (homemade if you want!), and the glass stones at the dollar store.
1. Place your glass stones where you want on the fabric.

2. Trace the shape onto the fabric to cut out.

3. Apply the Mod Podge to the flat side of your stone. (I'll put up a DIY for homemade Mod Podge later this week.)
4. Add your fabric, and apply another layer of Mod Podge.
5. I haven't done this yet, but next you just have to hot glue the magnet to the back!
I hope you'll have as much fun with this craft as I did!


  1. I love those glass magnets! They are so fun to make and look so cute. =)


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