Thursday, May 22, 2014

Internship: Day 4

Today. Was. Amazing.
It was long, tiring, and crazy.
But it was awesome. And I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

We all know how much I loved day 1 of my internship, right? Well today's day 4, and everything about it was above and beyond perfection.

It started with a 6AM history walk. We walked all over the city and got to see some amazing parts of our church's history. We saw our very first campus (we're currently at ten!), our second, and our third. And it was only 6.4 miles! The only reason it felt like it went so fast is because we set timers for 8 minutes to try and talk to every single intern in the group. I got so many life stories about how people got saved, and just what exactly this church meant to them.

Straight after this, we changed out of our stinky clothes, and went to our first weekly staff rally. Which was the most amazing experience I've ever had in a workplace. We basically just worshipped God so hard. They had the full band and read personal testimonies of what Elevation has done for their lives. It's so great to be reminded that we are having a HUGE impact on this city.

From there, I got to do some designing, eat lunch and meet even more new people!

Then 4:15 rolls around.
If you're not from Charlotte, One7 is a great outreach partner that we had the honor of serving. They bring in refugees and make a safe and loving environment for the children. They all came from a life of hurt and suffering, but through One7, most have been brought to life in Christ.

And this is where I'm going to start getting emotional.

Of course the first week they bring us, they just happen to be baptizing fifteen children. It was beautiful and heartwarming. They each had a story to tell, and I sobbed at like 90% of them. Some were raped, beaten, disowned for their newfound faith, but the love stretched out to them has restored their faith.

After baptisms, we had the most energetic worship that I've probably had since middle school. It was exhausting, but at the same time, it was really hard to stop. Now, I'm finally crawling into bed and am planning on staying there as long as I possibly can. :)

So while it might have been a 15 hour "workday" on 4 hours of sleep, every single second was worth it. 

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  1. I'm glad to hear everything is going so well with your internship! I know how much you were looking forward to it, and I'm happy to see it's living up to expectations!!


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