Monday, May 19, 2014

Internship: Day 1

I feel like it's been forever since I've written a post of actual content on here. And mainly because, it's a shameful truth that I haven't posted anything real for 3 weeks. Mainly because I was busy packing and moving 7 hours away! I know you've heard of my internship by now. (If you haven't, it's amazing and perfect, and I'm beyond honored to be doing what God's called me to do.) Today was our first day, and it was a really great time to meet new people who were all in the same boat as me. We each had our own stories how God had brought us there, and it was a really great environment to be in. It's always been a struggle to talk about religion in the workplace, but now it's all we talk about. You can't even imagine the love and support in this group. Before we started the day, a few of us met up at Starbucks to go in with the right encouragement, and calm our nerves a little.

We read out of 1 Timothy together which was so ironic, because it's what I read the night beforehand.

Then we actually got to the church and took a super group selfie:

Seriously, these guys are amazing.

Just one more quick note, I wanted to talk about how awesome it is to have a supervisor directly over you who can see your goal and continuously encourage you throughout it. He and I got to talk for an hour today about what I'll be doing design-wise, and it completely blew me away. He understands my heart for this church and kept reminding me that this is something God chose me for. It wasn't random, it wasn't an accident. I am here for His glory.

Anyways, I'll try to keep this blog a little more updated over the summer. Have a safe week!

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