Monday, May 28, 2012

Phone Photo Fun

I got my iPhone just a few weeks ago. I've been in love with this link up for quite some time now, but I keep forgetting to get it together. Without further ado, here are my fun phone photos from the week:

My perfect boyfriend got me a Keurig for our one year
anniversary! And let me have it 2 days early. I love him.

I learned to write my name in Thai! My new friend put the
dots there for me to trace.

Injured my knee on the awful job I just quit. See my last post!

Entered the Instagram city contest from Livy Love!

Found these precious matching mugs at my boyfriend's
parent's house!
It was a pretty fun week! Link up with Savannah so I can see your pictures too!
And I wouldn't be opposed if you wanted to come follow me on Instagram: snugly_duckling. I almost always follow back!

Also, please keep in mind everyone who has lost their life fighting for their country. Over 6,000 Americans have died in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2003. My church yesterday gave us a statistic yesterday that really hit close to home. 119 men and women from my home state have given their lives in order to protect their friends and family. Just remember today to pray for the families and loved ones of those who have lost someone.


  1. That picture you took of the sky and bridge is AMAZING!

  2. I like those pictures!!!
    have a great day!

  3. Love your city picture!! And that was so sweet of your boyfriend :)


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