Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tickle Me Tuesdays

This week, I've been obsessed with chevron. I see it everywhere and cannot wait to have some of these great chevron things when I move. Speaking of moving, I finally found a roommate! She's not quite as ready to move out as I am, but at least that will give me time to save a little money before jumping out there. Anyways, all that being said, here are the great chevron things I hope to fill our apartment with:

Minus the big giraffe, this is exactly how
I'd want my room to look.
How precious is this pillow?!
I love, love, love how classic the floor makes this room look!

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  1. I LOVE chevron too- especially in pastel colours and GREY!! Grey and yellow are my fave colour combo these days!!
    Great post!
    I bet you are excited to get a new place- I love decorating but always feel bummed when I have to narrow my ideas down to a few realistic ones!
    Have a great day!

  2. ohhh meee i love me some chevron toooo!!!



  3. i looove love love chevron!

  4. Very cute girlie! Want to follow each other?? Let me know!

    Belle De Jour


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