Friday, May 4, 2012

High Five For Friday!

Good afternoon bloggers! Let's see the highlights of my week, shall we?

1. I got my computer fixed! It wasn't anything major, just an ugly eyesore.
Does this happen to anyone else? Apple fixes it for free! (Unless you're like my dad and have a "vintage" Apple. Poor thing.) And I got all new keys in the process. She looks brand new!

2. I got to sleep over at my sister's house a few times this week and spend some amazing time with this cutie:
His name is Colston and he'll be mine as soon as I move out!!

3. I officially started collecting sponsors this month. It was so much more organization than I imagined. I've definitely learned a lot from my first month and will be able to improve for next month! See here and here to check them out!

4. I went to Target and the mall this week and didn't spend a single penny on clothes. That is a huge accomplishment in my eyes.

5. And in the spirt of saving the best for last, my boyfriend bought me this beauty yesterday for our anniversary present!
He's kinda great, don't you think? I just have to wait 25 days to get it! Any ideas on what K-Cups I should be stocking up on in these next few weeks or where to get them cheap?

That's all for this week friends! Make sure you check in with Lauren's blog for your own H5FF and enter Ruthy's giveaway!


  1. I think in the States Starbucks makes K Cups..I think you can get them at Target actually!! Take a look!
    You can get all sorts of teas and other hot drinks too!

  2. That puppy is so adorable! And way to go with not buying any clothes! It's tricky!

  3. I haven't forgotten about you! We have both been super busy!! But your cup is on the way, yay!!! Also, I am OBSESSED with my keurig. I stock up on pike place roast Starbucks coffee, apple cider, chai latte, and hot chocolate!

  4. What a good boyfriend! Lucky you with the Keurig machine!! :)

  5. omgosh i want to come over and steal colston!

  6. that is impressive to leave target without buying anything!

  7. I'm in love with that dog!!!!! And your Keurig!!!!!!! LUCKY!


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