Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday 10!

I'm sure you've all met Lena by now. She's the super awesome mom with tattoos and a great outlook on life. You know who I'm talking about? Just in case you don't, here's the link to her profile. Seriously go follow her, and then link up with her Tuesday 10s! They are the perfect prompt to get you in the mood to blog. Today's prompt is your 10 dream jobs. As a college student figuring life out, I'm super excited to share all this with you! We're gonna start with the somewhat realistic ones and go from there.

Something I seriously love about graphic design, is all the stinking options it'll give me once I graduate school. However, these are ranked in the order I would actually want to do them.

1. Win the lottery and never ever have to work ever again. Totally realistic for someone who doesn't even play the lottery.

2. Website/blog designer who illustrates children's books and makes super cute prints like Diana on the side. This is actually my exact goal upon leaving school. Yeah, I'm kind of crazy.

3. Someone who does the graphics and illustrations for cartoon movies. Especially Christmas movies. I would LOVE to make Christmas movies. You would think I'd know what that's called.

4. This one's a little silly, but have you ever seen Aerie's undies? They're just so cute, and the fabrics are so fun and colorful. I'd actually really love to design them. But if it means moving to their headquarters in Pennsylvania (yuck!), I might have to change my mind.

5. App developer. Hook me up with your great ideas. ;)

6. The person who designs the games on the back of cereal boxes. I hear they make some serious paper.

7. Something in advertising. Probably somewhere along the lines of logo making and flyer involvements. This one actually sounds the most boring to me surprisingly.

8. Coffee shop owner. All the free coffee I want? Definitely a good option.

9. An international flight attendant on the planes my husband flies. Free vacations every week? Oh yeah.

10. And then of course, the stay at home mom. I think this is so far down, just because I don't have kids yet. I'm sure when the time comes, this will seriously be all that I want to do.


  1. Great list - we have a lot of similar job ideas :O)

  2. Awesome list- so many things I have never even thought about - cereal box game designer..app developer- they sound seriously awesome! I think I have a new Tuesday tradition!!
    Happy day!

  3. Ever since I started working with graphic designers in my current job I have thought that they have an awesome job.

  4. I'd love to win the lottery, lol! Even though I don't play either, haha. I also would like to design Aerie undies - I agree they are super cute.


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