Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Making Perfect Magnets

Having recently moved, I didn't have any perfect magnets ready for our cute little refrigerator. Of course, when I saw this easy little magnet project floating around the internet, I knew I had to go for it. I grabbed 5 magnets from our local pizza joint and went to work. Here's everything you'll need for the little project:

Once you have all your supplies together, it is super easy to peel back the actual advertisement part of the magnet.

Measure out the paper to match the size of the magnet. Mine was 2x6 inches so I used my paper cutter to make it the same size.

After cutting your paper, apply a very generous amount of Mod Podge to the paper on the magnet. And if you don't have a paintbrush, totally feel free to dip your finger in. ;)

Apply the paper directly on top of the magnet, and BOOM. Perfectly cute little magnets:

I'm definitely considering adding some Cricut elements to spice them up a bit. I'd love to know if you tried them out. They're so fun and easy to make! 


  1. Aw! Cute magnets! I love the patterns. :)

  2. great diy! I love the prints you chose too!

  3. Oh this is so creative! Great job! Will definitely be trying this.

    Glad I stumbled upon you and your blog. *handshake* Nice to meet you.

    Nike O.


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