Monday, November 19, 2012

Serious Advice Needed

Alright guys, I have a huge dilemma that needs to be solved by Black Friday. I'm going to give you all the variables, and let you decide what needs to be done. Pretty please.

I have three jobs. Between the three of them, I'd be working 25 hours straight on Black Friday. Crazy, right?! But people have done it before.

So I guess my real question is should I try really hard to stick through all of these hours? Or should I quit the job that won't transfer when I move in a month?

Any and all answers are appreciated!


  1. Well, that depends. Can you physically and/or emotionally handle working that many hours? Second, is all of that work worth the money? Last, how many hours would you lose by quitting now from that job, and how much will that affect you financially?

    Hope that helps.


  2. quit! it's not like you have that much longer till you move. That's way too many hours!

  3. I would talk to the job you don't want to work at on that day and just be honest. Tell them that you already have 2 eight hour shifts and that you can't work that day, but you still want to work upcoming holiday hours (since I am sure they will need/want you until Christmas time). If they still say no and are not understanding, then quit lol, but at least you tried.


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