Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Free Christmas Cards!

Alright followers, here's the deal. I just moved all of my belongings to North Carolina, where I won't be for a little more than a month. This is the only little Christmas decoration I could contribute to the apartment this year.

So yes, I made the most out of this experience that I could. As I unpacked the little guy, and put him on his tv tray, I was singing Christmas carols, and trying to get my family's attention. We always "trim the tree" together. It just wasn't the same as every other year!

So to get myself a little more into the Christmas spirit, I decided to give my fellow bloggers a FREE gift. That's right, 4 different designs of Christmas cards to print and share!

 I strongly suggest printing these babies on card stock before mailing. They should download as a 5x7, if not, you can send an email to and I'll send you the correct file size!

PS And you can email me just to tell me if you used any of them. It'd make my lifetime goal of making Christmas cards (that people would actually want to use) a reality.

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