Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Polyvore Files: Super Bowl Sunday!

Good morning bloggers! Welcome to the Super Bowl Sunday version of The Polyvore Files. This year I'm not personally interested in either team. Although, I must say, I've always secretly had a thing for the Seahawks colors. I'll probably root for them just a tiny bit while wearing my neon green and navy blue. Speaking of what colors I'll be wearing tonight, what I'm really curious to know is what colors you'll be wearing.

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday by kara-stone featuring boat shoes

Leave a comment below what team you'll be rooting for!


  1. same here! i don`t really care about either team.. and i`ve always liked seattle`s colors, too!

  2. I'm a Carolina Panthers gal, so I am in it for the good food and commercials this year! Love both of these outfits though.


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