Friday, March 23, 2012

What I'm Into Lately

Bah, I feel like it's been forever since I've been in the blogging world. This week hasn't even been too crazy busy, so I really do apologize. Just a small lack of inspiration, I suppose. Thankfully, I saw this cute idea on Sarah's blog that made me want to post for yall this morning!

What I'm reading:
I'm a really slow reader. I started this like a month ago and am only 50 pages in. Mindy would make fun of me!

TV show worth watching:
I don't care what people are saying about this show, I will always find it hilarious.

Movie I've Seen:
This movie looked pretty dumb in the commercials, right? Absolutely hilarious. Go see it immediately.

In my ears:
fun. (punctuation and non-capitalization necessary) has been my favorite band for a while now, but they're kinda starting to annoy me. One song has lyrics saying "We will die for our own sins, thanks a lot. We'll rise up ourselves, thanks for nothing at all. After all, I thought we were all your children." And I'm starting to see the same patterns in about 3 other songs. That's enough to drive me crazy, but I'm just so upset because I've supported them for so long. For right now, I just skip over the awful songs, and hope they'll turn around soon.

Items of Note:
I have a new craft!! This is the first one I did, and wow, does it look awful! I am proud to say that I have gotten a bit better over the past couple of days, I'm hoping to get some new stuff on Etsy by the end of the month!

What I'm Looking Forward to:
I am going to Arkansas this weekend (or as my grandpa calls it, God's country). It's usually not that exciting of a place, but a lot of my family is going to meet us there. And the six hour drive will give me time to finish Mindy's book and get my butt kicked by embroidery!

What about you? What are you into lately?


  1. ha you have to tell me how you like kaling's book! and have fun in arkansas my love!

  2. I'm reading Mindy's book too! It's hilarious, I love it. And I'm kinda sad with fun. lately too :/ Especially Jack's tumblr, where he basically puts down religion (especially Christianity) all the time. I love their music, but they're making me sad!

  3. I'm dying to see 21 Jump Street! Mindy's book is on my "to read" list- maybe I should bump it to the top?

  4. nice to see what you're up to kara ... i love posts like this because you really get to know the person :) definitely want to see 21 jump street too!

  5. So glad you borrowed this from me :). I hear Mindy's book is quite funny - I'd like to read it over summer break!!

  6. love this post! you are adorable!

  7. i've been meaning to read that book - thanks for reminding me!


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