Monday, March 5, 2012

Phone Photo Fun

Hello all! This is my first Monday linking up for Phone iPod Photo Fun!
Technically I use my iPod for Instagram. Don't make fun.

Here are my pictures from this week:

Learning to play poker with my boyfriend's family.

I got my Pass It Forward cards in the mail this Friday and got to use one already!

Boyfriend was so nice for letting me watch him play video games. ;)

Here's the boyfriend's new family dog. He's so precious and I love him!

I kicked butt at Monopoly Star Wars! Is that embarrassing?

And finally, our church was packed for their 1000th weekend services!

Can't wait to link up and see everyone's posts!


  1. You are one nice girlfriend to watch your boyfriend play video games, I'd get too bored and start doing something else in under 5 minutes, haha.


  2. Oooo I love star wars! Sometimes I'm lucky and my husband "lets" me watch him play video games too! Lol!

  3. Such cute puppy!!!!!!
    and I LOOOOOVE playing poker! :) kind of a hidden talent! ha!
    happy monday,

  4. I see nothing wrong with kicking butt at Star Wars Monopoly...
    Cute pictures... Loved everyone of them.

  5. Hahaha I watch the fiancé play video games all the time. This week it's been Tiger Woods Golf, not that much action with that game.

  6. Nothing better than a packed church! Thanks so much for your comment! I am your newest follower and can't wait to read your posts!
    Check back tomorrow for Chelsea's wedding planning stories you love them.

  7. That puppy is KILLING ME!
    So adorable :)

    plus I love Apples to Apples!

    Happy almost Friday :)


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