Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Polyvore Files: Tea Time

Hello again, and welcome to The Polyvore Files link up! The rules are simple, in that there are no rules. Just get as creative as possible on Polyvore and come link it up with either myself or Joni. We'd love to have you!

Quite recently, I've become something of a tea addict. There's nothing like unwinding with a cup of peppermint tea, relaxing in a green tea bath (don't knock it until you try it), or waking up to some spiced apple chai. I've had a few friends who have gone to high teas, and they always post pictures in these precious outfits. I don't know that I'd ever go to one, but if I did, I'd totally be caught in an outfit like this one:
Not that I own a big floppy hat, or like my hair could even pretend to curl that way. It's just nice to dream some times, right? Have you ever been to high tea before?


  1. I love this dress! I am pretty sure I have the same exact one saved in my Polyvore to create an outfit with eventually. You have done a great job with it here. I love everything about this Tea Time set. I don't actually drink a whole lot of loose tea but I love tea pots and tea cups. And I have never been to any kind of tea party except for the one we had here at the house for my oldest daughter when the Johnny Depp version of Alice in Wonderland came out. We had a Mad Hatter Tea Party. So fun. (BEWARE! These photos are from a time I knew nothing about photography, and horrible!)

  2. Tea time!! I love the theme! It's super cute... ;)


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