Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Today was just one of those days. I bet you know what I'm talking about. You wake up with a song in your head. You drive to your errands and play the song to get it out of your head. Then you turn on the radio, and the song is on. Then you get back in your car and the song is on again. Then you turn on Pandora and it's the first song played. Maybe you know the song I'm talking about? It's pretty great.

So finally after my third time hearing this song today, I just let myself get into the song. I just discovered it a few weeks ago, and as soon as I did, I played it on repeat for about 4 hours. I know it's been everywhere for the past year, and I've been apparently living under a rock. But I'm wondering if the reason I'm just now discovering it, and hearing it 19374189624 times a day is because of how badly I need this song these next few months.

It can be so easy to get caught up in the day to day monotony. Day in, day out: go to work, go to bed, repeat. Some days I just can't help but scream, "This isn't what God has planned for my life!" 

I've been struggling lately knowing what God has planned, and not even feeling close to achieving it. It's discouraging and heartbreaking and overwhelming and exhausting at times. That's why today, when I heard this song over and over again, I was so uplifted and encouraged to know that yes it's hard, but God is right there with me.

"When oceans rise, my soul will rest in Your embrace."
There is nothing more clear than that. Life gets hard and discouraging, but we have the upper hand.
We have God.

"We can only keep on going, after all, by the power of God who saved us in the first place and then called us to do His holy work. We had nothing to do with it. It was all His idea, a gift prepared for us in Jesus long before we knew anything about it. But we know it now." 
-2 Timothy 1:9-10(ish)

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  1. I've never read that verse before. I am a bit shocked I haven't because it is just so beautiful.
    I will be marking 2 Timothy 1:9-10 down, now!


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