Thursday, May 2, 2013


Educate us on something you know a lot about or are good at.
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I am in love with fonts. I can literally spend hours going through Pinterest's design section just downloading the crap out of them. (Don't believe me? Just check out my design board!) Instead of educating you on them, I thought I'd just make a compilation of some of my favorites!
Hope you enjoy! Use responsibly. ;)


  1. Cool! Thanks for sharing! I'm going to have to research how I can use them now!!!

  2. I am a font addict! I download WAY too many!

  3. skinny is one of my all time favorite fonts!! you have great taste! i found your blog via story of my life's link up. looking forward to seeing what the rest of may brings!

    rachel @

  4. I love fonts too and am always looking for new ones to download :).

  5. Oh a girl after my own heart! I love fonts too! :) I'm about to follow the crap outa your design board, lol

  6. Oh lovely fonts! I've just added you to my Pinterest and repinned some of your fonts to my typography board! Ta

  7. Great picks! I love typography...but love to draw them myself :)
    Eva @ Snappee Turtle


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