Saturday, May 18, 2013

That Time I Got Accused of Taking Prescription Drugs

Tell a story from your childhood.
I am an amazingly shy individual. That's changed a lot as of the past 2 years or so, but wow, my past was awkward! Being this shy child, I never really spoke up for myself, was scared to talk to my teachers, and didn't understand that people are generally nice. However, that's because I was accused of taking prescription drugs in second grade! (Not really, but it makes the story more dramtic. ;)

In the second grade, I was taking a light prescription drug for some recent stomach pains I'd been having. I think they were just a strong laxative in all honesty. Anyways, we had quite a few different teachers after my teacher quit, and it made it quite hard to keep up with who knew about my meds. One day in class, with yet another sub, I knew it was 9:00 and that I had to take my pill. Trying to sneak it, I got caught. I tried my hardest to explain what they were for and that my original teacher knew I took them, but still I got sent to the principal's office. Anyways, she called my mom who tried to explain, but it was pretty hopeless at that point. She threw them away and my mom tried to explain to me why I couldn't take them anymore!


  1. Oh my gosh!! What a rotten thing to have happen to you! I once got accused of cheating on a test when I was in the third grade and it SCARRED me. Dang 'ol overzealous subs!

  2. Aawh, that must have been one stressful and nerve wrecking day. Everyone accusing you of something, when it is something else entirely and innocent.



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