Monday, March 11, 2013

What I'm Into Lately

Do you ever copy old posts? This is my first time! Check out the original post here, then check out what's different since. And this post is super perfect for those lacking blogger inspiration.

What I'm reading:
I swear to you, I've started and stopped this book like 800 times. I'll finish it one day!

TV show worth watching:
By far, my favorite show right now. Even more than New Girl! Ironically, I just watched this episode yesterday and 100% cried my eyes out.

Movie I've Seen:
Horrible Bosses!
I haven't really gone out to the movies lately, but this is what I watched before bed last night.

In my ears:
This is pretty much all I listened to for my 7 hour roadtrip. 
And a little Adele. ;)

Items of Note:
Colston is going to the groomer tomorrow!! I'm pretty sure if someone found him (not that I'd ever let him get away), they'd think he was homeless. Time to put out the big bucks/$45!
PS this is what he looked like when I came home from my trip. I think he spent a lot of time in his crate while I was away. He usually is not so scraggly!

What I'm Looking Forward to:
Wednesday! It's the only day I have off from work and class this week, and I'm strongly considering a Treat YoSelf day.
(Also watched and cried at this episode recently. What would we do without Netflix?)

And my same question from last time:
What about you? What are you into lately?
Send me a link if you steal the post idea! I'd love to see what you're into!


  1. I just took my dog to the groomer's yesterday and also spend $45. It was his third visit and let's just say three strikes and you're out doesn't just apply to baseball. Things didn't go so well. :)

    1. Lol I totally understand! My sister's dog got banned from their local PetSmart! Hahah let's hope Colston does at least a little better. ;)


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