Friday, March 29, 2013

High Five for Friday

I'm a little crunched for time this morning! I'll be on my feet for a good 12 hours today, and I'm totally still in bed, meaning I have 11 minutes to write this post. Challenge accepted.

My high fives from the week:
1. I have pretty awesome parents. They gave me a giftcard to Wal Mart, which meant I got to buy the expensive meat this week. As a result, I learned how to cook pork chops!

2. I found a little Ziploc baggy full of pumpkin spice kisses from the fall! I still have a few left to munch on. ;)

3. Rooms and I signed up for Netflix discs. SUPER stoked. We had Spiderman and Pitch Perfect this week. Best choices EVER.

4. Erin, the sweetest blogger ever, has brought back our favorite hashtag, #thankfulsweetness.

5. And last, because it certainly is the least, I got a haircut this week. And I hate it!! She wouldn't give me the style that I wanted because it was a "kindergartener's hairstyle." I'm still fuming over it.

That was my week in a nutshell. Come link up with Lauren for H54F!

And have a super safe, amazing, fun filled Easter weekend!!


  1. She wouldn't give you the cut you wanted?? I would def see a different stylist, that's unacceptable in my opinion. Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Um, don't go back! It's YOUR hair!!!!!!!

    Your dog. That dog jacket. I die.

    1. I love how much you love my pup! You and Sir Chester need to take a trip to NC so they can have a playdate. ;)

  3. I've never had pumpkin spice kisses, sound super yummy!

  4. I've never seen those pumpkin spice kisses before! Of course, now I wish it were fall so I could attempt to find some myself.


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