Thursday, February 16, 2012

Our First Valentine's Day

Jonathon and I celebrated our first Valentine's Day together this year, and man, was itstressful! We both get off work about 4 and went home to get ready. I had a very specific schedule of when everything was supposed to get done, for him to pick me up at 5:45 for our 6:30 reservation.

Planned Schedule:
4:00-4:15: Wrap Present.
4:15-4:45: Make card and write something romantic.
4:45-5:00: Pick a movie to watch and put it in purse.
5:00-5:40: Get ready.
5:45: Meet my date, a quick gift exchange then head out.

Actual Schedule:
4:00-4:10: Discover part of his present doesn't work and try my butt off to fix it, to no avail.
4:10-4:30: Try on multiple outfits that didn't show off my huge, ugly bruise, didn't require me to wear my ugly baggy dressy pants. Super. Stressful. (I suppose it was my fault for getting off schedule.)
4:20: Jonathon leaves his apartment, for the 15 minute drive to mine.
4:30: Lose my paper cutter and my number one choice of movie. Add a little more stress.
4:30-5:15: Spend forever looking for paper cutter and movie. Add a lot more stress.
5:15-5:45: Give up and straighten my unruly hair. Add a little bit more.
5:45-6:00: Find paper cutter and make card while finding out Jonathon is nowhere near close in Valentine's Day traffic. Add 2 more tons of stress.
6:00-6:05: Cry my heart out a little.
6:05-6:30: Make a Valentine to kick every other Valentine's butt.
6:30(the time of our reservation): Jonathon finally arrives. We exchanged unwrapped presents, and had to refuse a picture from my Mom so we could get on our way! Thankfully the restaurant holds the reservation for 30 minutes and we had no problem getting in.

I must say, after all the stress and craziness of getting there, the restaurant was perfect. It had a gorgeous view over the river, I was with the man I love, and we had a great time. We talked a lot about the future and just had an amazing relaxing time. After the restaurant, we went back to his new apartment (that now has couches!) and ended up watching Lion King 1 1/2. Not super romantic? We know, but I kinda liked it that way.

Was it stressful? Oh yeah. Did I miss my photo ops on our first Valentine's Day? Sadly, yes. Will we be doing something much more low key next year? You bet. But was it absolutely worth it to spend an amazing time with my boy? You know it!


  1. glad it all worked out despite a few bumps :)

  2. Sorry it was such a stressful time getting to your perfect date!!! At least you made an effort (hubby and I just dug into some Ben & Jerry's!!) :)

  3. I made the same card for Linsey! haha except I drew a red wagon on mine instead of a motorcycle. That's super cute though, and I'm glad you two had fun!

  4. Haha! Isn't this the way life goes? Oh the joys!
    Despite the craziness.... it sounds like a lovely Valentines evening :)

  5. Awww sometimes nights that don't go completely according to plan are the best! Keep you on your toes! :) That card is so cute :)

  6. despite things not going quite the way you had planned, you two got to be together on valentines day and that is what the day is about not what you get for each other not whatt you do, just celebrating the love that you two found!

  7. ha you're adorable - both of you are so cute! happy v-day!

  8. Sounds like it turned out to be the perfect night!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  9. aw sounds like it was wonderful! :) i love your schedule, i need to be more organized like you are with my time!


  10. at least the end result was a good one!


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